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Always Time For Cheer


Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Holidays count down by the Hour and Minute. Sometimes life seems to go by slow and other times life slips down the drain so quickly its out of reach within seconds. Inhale a deep breath and grasp this moment and carry it with you in your heart for all eternity.


Last weekend, I went to the mall and while I was watching people, I noticed something unique about our culture. It was missing something powerful enough to move mountains, but easy enough to lift with a pinky. Merrily, I walked through that mall enjoying life, love and good company. Looking around I saw people drooping as though I carried cryptonite in hand and clad in rags.


Easily pressured into taking a joy ride on part of my journey, I took the moment and became ornery. Remembering the quote from the wise Penguin in Madagascar, I smiled and waved. In that short ride on that kids train around the mall, I saw people get out of their comfort zone and smile and wave back. Why can’t we smile and wave without a kiddie train? Why do we feel so confined that we have to hide behind a wreck in our society? Our mouths can bless with a simple smile. Where did that part of courtesy go? Why not spread it around us? How can we break down the walls that keep us apart?


I know a man who walks up to strangers and tells them that he appreciates them wearing dresses. Circumstances in modesty is not always known to the outsider who does not personally know us. Even though I think what my friend does is admirable, I do not think we need to sneer at what a person wears since we do not know their story. Being injured for over a year caused me to have my foot raised. I found it uncomfortable and indecent to wear dresses. When I was a breastfeeding mother, I tried modest breastfeeding dresses from my Mennonite friends. However, I found that shirts and skirts or jeans were more modest because the child could not pull the shirt off where they did a blanket. It is proven that people change their behavior on which clothes they wear, but I ask you to wear your most important outfit, your face. Sometimes faking it until you make it does help you to climb mountains with the strength in your pinky.


It really didn’t matter what I was wearing on the outside, it mattered that my smile wasn’t good enough walking in public. While we cannot know why a person is frowning or giving us a sneer, don’t take it personal when an ignorant person gruffly insults your good mood. Smile anyway. Wear the smile like a jewel. It’s the biggest and brightest that you have. Wear it with pride. Show it off like a new ring. Maybe we should go against the grain and start a new trend in fashion by smiling. Yes, waving might make people think your a freak, but a head nod will do the same trick. 🙂



🙂 REMEMBER: Take two grins and call me in the morning. 🙂

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