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It’s Time To Return To Chivalry Before Social Media

A brief scroll on the screen of your phone or computer, you check the notifications. However, the comment you are reading is not a kitten, meme, nor someone needing help after a trauma. The quick obnoxious bomb of a response was planted by a troll, an acquaintance or a business

Where is the love?

"Don't get stuck in the mud," said the neighbor. "I won't." My mind raced. I thought to myself, I can't because nobody would get me out even if I asked.  This is the same neighborhood that lied and told us the foodbank was permanently closed. When someone has to 'sneak' you

Honour and addiction

There are times when you promise something that doesn't pan out because of how life butts in the way. However, when you are more concerned about losing yourself instead of improving yourself, then you have reached a point of harming others instead of improving the world around you. Addiction can be

Love is a choice

There are a lot of fans on facebook who say they follow me because of my strength. Let me tell you, life itself reminds me of going through birthing labour. There I was, in the biggest battle against my mind ever. The doctors said I made natural labour look so

A Shake, A Queens Hand, or A Hug

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.. okay, fine. Actually, high school wasn't that long ago. Stop laughing. During my football years, I enjoyed pride, strength, and held onto my old tom-boyish ways. Lifting weights provided the strength behind my "manly" hands and grip. When I shook a

No Krill, Sherlock

Yeah, Yeah. I understand you are patiently waiting for a silly fix after the last several serious posts. Here, I sit to typpity-tap a blog post this week, but I do not have anything nice to say. Sorry. A company I deal with over the internet refuses to allow me

How to use a tool?

Over the last year, I have meant to sit down with the intention of striking the keys on this keyboard for this particular post. Let us approach the subject we all fear: anger and guns. I am very glad to find the time today. This weekend, I ordered my children to

Don’t Fret; There’s Truth In Labels

Do you listen to your spiritual leader without question? Did they tell you, "Don't eat these products, they contain aborted fetuses!" "HEK CELL (Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells), also often referred to as HEK 293, 293 cells, or less precisely as HEK cells are a specific cell line originally derived from human

Review – The Kill Show

The Kill Show Links:   You might possibly want to check your pulse when you watch this film. If your heart doesn’t beat faster, your limbs forget to shake, then you have clearly crossed over into the land of the undead. The choice of morbid music tugs at your sanity, placing you deep