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If you have found this website by accident or by a friends' suggestion, then you might not know some of the places I have been busy. PJae   Help me increase my numbers with SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW/LIKE/FAN    50 subscribers 3200 views       2300 fans      1600 followers over 1000 fans   Friend Me 5000 friends 700 followers 1000

Personally hot

Parenting Tip- Responsibility "Keep the hot drinks-hot and the cold drinks-cold." That has been my philosophy since right after my toddler received a small burn at a restaurant. Over the years, I have irritated the nicest employees with just telling them. My oldest learned the hard way after I taught him about

Review- Predatory Lender

Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey. Trailer: Links: Quality : HD Title : Predatory Lender Director : Evertis S. Wright Writer : James E. Meyer Release : 2014-11-01 Country : United States of America Language : English Runtime : 118 min. Genre : Comedy, Horror, Crime   Watching this movie alone

The Sunday Radio Program Featuring Guest Host Jae Byrd Wells

Tune in Sunday Jan 8, 2017 at 2pm-4pm  Join Jae Byrd Wells as she plays Co-Host for the second time with Jiggy. Host: Jiggy Jaguar Co-Host: Jae Byrd Wells Guests: Tone CruZ Angel medina (former ECW Wrestling star) and Derrick Scayfe{Local Hip Hop Artist} Seraphim Aun{On Skype} Plus Skeeter Rock and Swishup Beatz Records Artists.  

Blasted from the past

Wow. Technology really screws with history. You know it! How can you not feel like a fly on the wall while the words bounce off your shoulders? Listen, you just hear a technological advanced guru spouting, "Let's erase the past by making upgrades which won't recognize old programs. heh heh

Water, water, everywhere.

Pride in separating my emotions from movies continuously gives me strength to focus on the sounds, lights, camera angles and quality. I mean, they are fiction, therefore they do not directly relate to the life I lead. Little did I know my life would change that August morning when I

Tiger or Lion?

Animals lose their respect and fear for man when people place them on tall pedestals. What are we teaching our children? Do we desire our great grandchildren  to become like mice to roam the earth? I am no expert by any means. I am just a loud mouth daughter, mother,

Stardate 1611.23 – Reflection

Stardate 1611.23 - Reflection Personal blog entry today is full of great news. I will be on the radio again, but this time acting as a co-host. I will also meet about co-hosting a tv show. This past week I leased my freelance writing skills for marketing a product I have


Codclamit,  Codclam, codclam right, codclam the torpedoes, codclam well, give a codclam #SlipperyCuss You better believe I codclam went there! I really can't remember who came up with this word, but I know I didnt' I wish I could give them credit where credit is due. Here is another word which have

Stardate 1610.28 – Humble

Stardate 1610.28 - Humble Oh my codfish, where do I start? This last year has humbled me more than a dog growling at an intruder only to find out it was his owner. I remember in my youth, praying I would be able to celebrate the Hebrew year of Jubilee. Well,