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Blasted from the past


Wow. Technology really screws with history. You know it! How can you not feel like a fly on the wall while the words bounce off your shoulders? Listen, you just hear a technological advanced guru spouting, “Let’s erase the past by making upgrades which won’t recognize old programs. heh heh heh.” Morons.

I did finally, but accidentally, discover a way to recover this letter after all these years! An apology from me to you is in short order for all the black-outs below. My “fame” on Facebook pushes the need for anonymity, I prefer to keep the privacy of my family intact. What a blast from the past! Several weeks after I sent this by pigeon, we found this letter returned, unopened, and leaving us with bitter sour tears churning in our guts. You can follow a few rabbit trails in my blog to find out more about this topic. This letter was recovered and now I’m ready to share it with you.

June 2, 2006, 9:27 AM


Dearest miracle workers,

I am talking about those involved in the production of “A Knight’s Tale”,
I do not know who exactly to tell about being a light to my four year old.   A movie was excellently directed and produced originally intended for much older audiences.  However, one small pair of eyes got caught up in the glory of it all and lived it to the fullest he could.   Bare with us while we tell you how you have affected the life of our eldest son.  His name is XXXChildXXXX.  He is now four years old.

In order to help you understand how “A Knight’s Tale” affected him, I would like to catch you up during his short background.  XXXChildXXXX was miraculously conceived in a three day window period right before his mothers’ surgery on her cervix. He was in the Fallopian tubes during surgery. He was a miracle before birth. Mother was not supposed to be able to conceive and there he was.  We knew within one week of conception because of the complications of healing from the surgery.
XXXChildXXXX was born and healthy until he was 3.   His health decreased over six months.  If You see the pictures sent with this letter, you will see how sickly he looked in his 3yr old picture.  The Orthopedic specialist said it was arthritis.  XXXXXXX (XXXChildXXXX’s father) asked if it could be cancer.  XXXXX (XXXChildXXXX’s mother) didn’t want to think about that possibility.  The doctor said no way.  XXXChildXXXX reached the point of limping so bad that he quit walking and then crawling even stopped.   Standing became a nightmare.  We finally took him to Wesley’s minor emergency in the basement of his urologist.  We scheduled an appointment for that afternoon because we wondered if he had Gout since he was hurting and so yellow.  (He had had a reconstructive surgery at 6 months old for a Hypospadia.  He‘ll have to have another surgery after his treatment is over.)


We went to the Emergency room to find we were greeted by a doctor who scoffed at us.  She said she wasn’t here to treat his arthritis when we gave her the history of his downgrading health.  She finally “humored” us to shut us up and had his blood drawn.  That made us happy and we went to get a bite of lunch and then headed to his appointment.  The urologist nurse sent us to the Emergency center before our appointment.  We went down there to find a humbled doctor who broke the news to us: the blood results.  We were at Wesley and they told us to go to XXXXXXHOSPITALXXXXXXXXXX.


Mother was so upset in the parking lot that she miscarried the month pregnancy.  We told XXXChildXXXX in the hospital that we had lost the baby.  He was saddened, but had to concentrate on pokies.
XXXChildXXXXwas diagnosed XXXXMONTHXXXX DD-DD, 20YY with Acute Lymphasitic Leukemia.  When on the phone with his Grandma XXXXXXX (XXX)XXX-XXXX), we asked XXXChildXXXX which movies he wanted to be brought to the hospital.   He begged for “A Knight’s Tale”.  It was the first adult movie that he watched all the way through.  He enjoyed his mother’s favorite movie, “The Fighting Prince of Donegal”, but XXXChildXXXX’s heart reached out with Sir Orrick in “A knight’s Tale”.   He then watched it at least 5 times a day.  He would hardly touch a cartoon.  With a little coaxing, the second time, he watched some other things, but he still went back to “A Knight’s Tale” for comfort.


We stayed for 2 weeks and left for a week only to return for 2 more weeks.  That movie was what kept his boring, scary stay alive. He would beg and argue to have it turned on again and again. To have something that kept him happy kept us happy.   It seemed always on in the background at the hospital.  XXXMotherXXX got to sneak belly dance work out videos when XXXChildXXXX was asleep.  His waking hours was spent screaming at the doctors and nurses only to be comforted by “A Knight’s Tale” the movie.

His health improved with treatment.  The local XXXXXXX’s physical therapist helped XXXChildXXXX to walk again.  Time went by, he still watched the movie at home, but parents encouraged him to watch other things too since we had memorized it.  We still remember the days that his vocabulary increased and for the first time he commented on a scene in which he suddenly hollered, “Naked butt!” We used to tease him when he had one.

Another time that he frequently repeats till this day still brings tears to our eyes.  It was the time when Sir Orrick is looking for the mysterious woman.  The lady is on the balcony and XXXChildXXXX points to her and with his eyes tells William, “She’s right there, stupid!” But with his lips he simply says, “There! Right THERE!”

On November 24, 2005, we bought the special edition DVD.  All we heard for the hour and half home was how much he wanted he wanted to see it. He was disappointed that there was no Spanish, but he was relieved to know it had French.  (We have been exposing our boys to languages.)  He had finally quit talking about it on the way home.  However, when we walked through the door, the first thing he says, “Can we watch “A Knight’s Tale”?”   Mother had to explain to him that he couldn’t watch the French until morning.  We were going to watch the special features as a family in English.  His father added that he had better be good until morning. In the morning, he got to see it in French.  We have yet to get the soundtrack, but it doesn’t stop XXXChildXXXX from perking up at restaurants to the music from the movie.


We took XXXChildXXXX to the Spring 2006 Wichita Kansas Renaissance fair and everything reminded him of A Knight’s Tale”.  He would say “just like A Knight’s Tale?”  He wanted armor just like Sir Orrick.  Mother had to explain it was too expensive. LOL.
XXXChildXXXX is not on his death bed like he was when he was first diagnosed. He is actually doing better then his peers.  He only has had 3 blood transfusions. He hasn’t been pumped up with antibiotics like the others.  He still has his hair. He hasn’t missed a treatment because his blood count has been normal every weekend since his hospital stays in XXXXMONTH 20YY.  We have had some scary roller coasters though.  He has had no feeding tubes or IVs.  His emotional state is improving and he is truly a fighter.  His Chemo is going for the most part well. When we stress out  we sometimes have to remind ourselves that there are others worse off.  XXXChildXXXX has been going through an emotional roller coaster lately.  He is sick of being sick and tired of spinal taps.  If everything continues normally, in XXXXXXMONTHXXXX he will start weekly shots in his legs.


XXXChildXXXX has a happy distraction that we will have a new addition to the family soon, a baby girl to add to his younger brother, XXXChildXXXX.  Since XXXChildXXXX has cancer of the blood, he qualified for a wish.  His wish was for a Castle play house.  He saw one at Exploration place and talked about it.   Make~A~Wish is making XXXChildXXXX’s dream come true.  XXXChildXXXX constantly talks about how he wants to share it, and have us all sleep in it.  We hope that he won’t outgrow it and he will be able to move into it when he is 13.  We have 80 acres and he will grow up happy on it.


We will be having a party grown wild where it has grown to a lot of people becoming involved.   Knights and other Renascence functions and people will be attending and performing..  XXXChildXXXX  “kingly tea party” will be all and much more then imagined.  We will make it on a XXXXXXXX to fit with family, friends, and strangers schedules.  He wants to have the party complete with a treasure hunt.  We hope to have him knighted and maybe some day a flag for him to rise.  We don’t have a date because we are waiting for the dimensions to put down a slab of concrete.   However, it sounds as though we will be putting on a small Renaissance Festival numbering around 1000 people at the end of XXXmonthXX or early XXmonthXXX of 2006.  XXXXCHARITYXXXXX will be doing some major Media stuff for this party so we will be working with them on scheduling.
We tried to get one letter through only to have it thoughtlessly unopened  and returned.  We found ourselves disappointed that the word didn’t reach any ears to bless those who unknowingly blessed us.  We hope the word gets passed along this time that “A Knight’s Tale” really affected XXXChildXXXX during his long and struggling two years.   That movie helped him in his unhesitating decision for a castle play house.   We hope someone passes on the word how much that movie was a miracle to us and how it blessed him and us during the hardest months of our lives.


We look forward to watching him sword and light saber dueling outside a dream he looks forward to every day.  XXXXCHARITYXXXXX suggested to contact someone ourselves to let you know how much you have affected us because they are concentrating on XXXXChildXXXXX’s wish of a castle play house.  So here I am taking a chance and hoping somehow a connection somewhere is made and you can see what a movie did to a young child.  Sometimes we wonder how someone so far away in Hollywood knows that through jobs and money making, that they out of all people could make something that could actually bless someone.  We wish that the people involved would find out that in their entire career, that they blessed us.


XXXXCHILDXXX is being faithfully watched over by Dr. XXXXX (XXX)XXX-XXXX) and his pediatrician is Dr. XXXXX(XXX)XXX-XXXX).

(Father, Mother,  Brother, of XXXXXXXXX)

Feel free to call our cell (XXX) XXX-XXXXJae (XXX) XXX-XXXXDad.  Our home Phone is (XXX) XXX-XXXX for any questions. Feel free to make necessary copies to get the word out.

The gift affected us in an extraordinary way.  We keep trying to fundraise for the charity but frequently fail. This brings back a lot of lost memories. I don’t know if the people involved with this movie will ever know. I’m going to leave it right here for now.


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