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Blow it out your gills!


Ah, Blow it out your gills! Go blow it out your gills!


Originally I thought about categorizing this phrase under #SlipperyPhrase, however it is used in a very angry context. Therefore, it almost made it into our dictionary in the #SlipperyCuss section. There is the sense of trying to help the other person while being frustrated. If I could relate this to a feeling, the word F&@K speedily and swiftly pops in my mind’s eye. That in itself Do you see the controversial thought process? The actual meaning is probably the slang term, “LIGHTEN UP”. I mean come on, right? Lighten up, dude! Blow it out your gills! It’s a helpful phrase too.

Credit for ‘Blow it out your gills’ is a number one #SlipperyTales fan off of facebook so I cannot say I use it on a daily basis because I let it initially go in one eye and out the other. Perhaps one day, I will make a pocket Fishy Dictionary to carry around with me.. This fishy part of this blog was designed to serve as a reminder for those who wish to challenge their speech, mixing fun with side dish of education and a dash of personal growth.

Imagine gathering around the coffee only to be engaged in chatting with the local drama queen who is also your diving buddy. No, you don’t want to lose your job and neither do you want to lose your position on the next diving expedition searching the depths for the treasure of Atlantis. This employee likes to freak out about everything, but in this day in age, nobody is allowed to yell, “Lighten the frick up!” That might get you shot in a workplace. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Grudges and tension are running deep without time for meditation which requires a repetitious time for inhaling the good and exhaling what’s not worth holding on to in your soul.

A HECC can’t really blow it out their gills. Gills don’t blow. That would be something the whales would do. Expel the old musky water and vomit tasting air and gulp in a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, Heccs endure a coughing fit when they transition from gills to lungs. Hmm. I guess this should be a phrase to hold on to. There is no time to meditate in this bustling world full of technology, loss of organizing, and… hah. You thought I was going to broach the subject of time. Hah! You make your own time! It’s time to organize some moments for thinking, inhaling and exhaling in a tense situation. If something is troubling you and you’re quick to react, the consequences might be something you won’t be able to live with. You might lose a friend, a job or your life.

Have some fun. Curb your cussing and make your brain work. With the technology today, our brains are getting sluggish and lazy. Admit it. If we think about what we say before we say it, then we will exercise our brains while making a new best friend who laughed their flipping head off when you said, ‘Blow it out your gills!’ It’s a lot shorter than helping someone through the breathing techniques needed for getting a grip on life.

Go Blow It Out Your Gills. Hey, this is fun. I’m going to go tell hubby.

“Hey, hubby,…..”


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