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Water, water, everywhere.


Pride in separating my emotions from movies continuously gives me strength to focus on the sounds, lights, camera angles and quality. I mean, they are fiction, therefore they do not directly relate to the life I lead. Little did I know my life would change that August morning when I sat down at my computer to catch up on ‘author chores’. The day started off with a bang of frustration, emotions, self-belittling followed by foul language I dare not repeat here. Loneliness strangled me, but I refused to shed a single tear. No matter how hard I pulled away from the words on the screen in front of me, I could not willingly distance myself from the emotions and connecting with the character.

Todd E. Braley shared his script for Rain with me, but I had not found the time to read it for a few weeks. It was unlike me to dilly-dally and he never pushed me. I sat down and read the script and cried throughout the play. I connected with all the characters in the story. I knew the endless possible thoughts each character said in between the words they spoke and the actions leading them to make their decisions affecting the lives around them. Tears poured down my cheeks, each one perfectly aiming for the keys on the board under my fingers. Before I finished reading, I snapped a selfie and sent Todd the photo with the words, ‘I’m reading Rain. I hate you right now.”

From the photo to the left, you can see the horror/suspense director of a man considers torturing his audience his goal in life.  I finished reading and bawled some more. How could he? It seemed sooo real. The whole movie could be based on a true story with realistic hurting humans, torn families, or frustrated loved ones. I mean, I could have been the daughter,  mother, friend, caring neighbor.

Several weeks later, Todd and I were catching up on nothing and yet everything we creative people live through. He calmly slips he planned on strategically placing my book as the book laying on the coffee table in the script. My first thought was, ‘yeah, right’, because I have bumped into a lot of people who say they are going to scratch my back after I have scratched theirs, but they forget about me. Wait. This is honest, direct, chivalrous, Todd I’m talking to. I suggested a chapter or a scene in my book. His response, “Oh, I filmed that scene a long time ago. I don’t know what she read.”

Oh, My codfish. I could not wait. Although patience is not my strongest personality trait, I think i managed to refrain from bugging him about editing. I watched his progress on another film he edited and the minute it was over, I asked. LOL. “Soo, how is the editing for Rain?”

Minutes passed, days, and then the hour announced on faecbook. The short film would be ready the following day. Oh how I longed to watch it. I was afraid to see the actor throw my precious book, but when it cam right down to it… I prepared myself. The scene did not show the minute by minute play in the script, but the actor portrayed her character perfectly.

Suffering from Ombrophobia (fear of rain), Ashley attempts to soothe her churning stomach, her shaking hands, and her ringing ears by connecting with the Aquaphobic (fear of water) Heccwan (human electric cave catfish or ‘mermaid’) in my soft science fiction novel. We the audience can only guess that a loved one probably encouraged her to read this book as a therapeutic way of working through her trauma and her fears. Accessing my real memories, I hear loved ones giving my book to help people connect and heal. From watching Rain, we understand Ashley connected with our favorite characters, Hope, Jayne and Doug in “The ‘Tail’ Begins” because she is in the middle. Based on real life experiences we know she probably did not read this book when it rained. This prolonged storm brought her to rely solely on herself for comfort.

There comes a time in life where people arrive at a crossroad where they need to deal with their fears.

Celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the publication of “The ‘Tail’ Begins” this April 2017 with the the ultimate flattery of an author!

Walking on clouds,




#supportindiefilm  Watch the short film Rain by Todd E. Braley.



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