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Love conquers all

Okay. That does it. I'm ready to vent. Don't like it. UNFRIEND ME! Yeah. I'm talking to the person who reported a gun joke on my Facebook. One account. If it was against community standards on Facebook, then why is only one out of three accounts in jail? Thanks for making Facebook

How to use a tool?

Over the last year, I have meant to sit down with the intention of striking the keys on this keyboard for this particular post. Let us approach the subject we all fear: anger and guns. I am very glad to find the time today. This weekend, I ordered my children to

Killer bunny?

Last year, I sat in a blind for the first time. I never saw a deer, but I heard the songs of nature. I also hunted with my hubby next to a pond. Did we see any deer? Nope. I sat alone in front of a tree and totally freaked

Live or Die

At grandpa's house for a brief visit, I barreled eagerly downstairs until I stopped in the middle. There, at the bottom of the stairs in the den, stood Grandpa. He stopped in the middle of his lesson on safety with my brother when he saw my confused face. "Go back

Safety Rules

This is the copy of safety rules which have been passed out at conventions.  It is yours to print out. Let me know if you have any issues. Ps. The double 'i' is to remind you to always keep both eyes open, know what's beyond your target and be aware of