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Stardate 1709.12 – Thank You

First, it was piddling in my Motherhood Shushed Book which soothed my lonely, creative outlet. Then, my science fiction novel rescued me from the depths of despair during the process of completing it. I remember trying to write, edit, and create it for the one person whom I would never

Blasted from the past

Wow. Technology really screws with history. You know it! How can you not feel like a fly on the wall while the words bounce off your shoulders? Listen, you just hear a technological advanced guru spouting, "Let's erase the past by making upgrades which won't recognize old programs. heh heh

StarDate 1605.05 – 2nd Burial

StarDate 1605.05 2nd Burial The knife cut into my heart and twisted, opening yet an old wound. The angel I mentioned in a previous Star Date just canceled triggering tears trickling down my once glowing cheeks. Well, they were two weeks ago, before I fell off a curb, landing on my right

Stardate 1604.04 – An Angel

Stardate 1604.04 Personal Log An angel. I think it's time to share this story. I'm in the process of trying to get to Planet Comic Con. This is my story. This is why this con means more to me than my own career as an author. I will do anything for my