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StarDate 1605.05 – 2nd Burial

StarDate 1605.05 2nd Burial The knife cut into my heart and twisted, opening yet an old wound. The angel I mentioned in a previous Star Date just canceled triggering tears trickling down my once glowing cheeks. Well, they were two weeks ago, before I fell off a curb, landing on my right

Stardate 1604.26 – Honor

Stardate 1604.04 Personal Log Honor Feeling a breath on my neck, I looked around. My daughter was looking over my shoulder after she had thrown up in her classroom. She saw a contest for entering a tea recipe on facebook. At first, I was like naw, but I'll make one to help

Stardate 1604.04 – An Angel

Stardate 1604.04 Personal Log An angel. I think it's time to share this story. I'm in the process of trying to get to Planet Comic Con. This is my story. This is why this con means more to me than my own career as an author. I will do anything for my

Stardate 1603.31 – Blind Faith

Stardate 1603.31 Personal Log Blind Faith Last year, I was contacted by several in affiliation with a blind school in the hopes I could inspire the youth in their town. They personally informed me of the tragedy taking place. Visually impaired students are being given false information, dashing their dreams of becoming

Stardate 1603.28 -Ails

Stardate 1603.28 Personal Log. What ails you? Wow! So here I am... learning to blog outside facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I never thought I would reach the point of sounding like one of 'those' crazy people. I am awake at an insane hour in complete discomfort. Why, you ask. Well, I'll

StarDate 1603.23 – In the Beginning

StarDate 1603.23 Personal Log. In the Beginning The words to start a blog on here should sprout all kinds of roots for me, but they choke in my elbows, bouncing back to my head. I have attempted at least 15 posts ever since I discovered how to operate this 'interesting' website. I

Stardate 1304.07 – Banning Ostriches

Banning Ostriches April 7, 2013 "Here I sit all broken hearted Had to Sh*t and only Farted Yesterday I took a chance Had to Fart and Sh*t my pants."-unknown Laughter doeth good like the medicine. Now that you had your spoonful of sugar, its time for the medicine. It's been awhile since I wrote some perception of