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Rising from the ashes, your favorite public figure has danced through the depths of hell. Once a street rat, a tossed away rag, she conquered her enemy Fear, Hate, Discrimination, thus truly inspiring others around her whether they are liberals or conservatives. Adopting a derogatory referral as Princess, she recognizes the


Visit Annamay Music inspire me to live Life to it's full potential and I hope to encourage my listeners to the same. Singer Songwriter and Engineer. Given name Anna-Maria. LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW  

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If you have found this website by accident or by a friends' suggestion, then you might not know some of the places I have been busy. PJae   Help me increase my numbers with SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW/LIKE/FAN    50 subscribers 3200 views       2300 fans      1600 followers over 1000 fans   Friend Me 5000 friends 700 followers 1000

The Sunday Radio Program Featuring Guest Host Jae Byrd Wells

Tune in Sunday Jan 8, 2017 at 2pm-4pm  Join Jae Byrd Wells as she plays Co-Host for the second time with Jiggy. Host: Jiggy Jaguar Co-Host: Jae Byrd Wells Guests: Tone CruZ Angel medina (former ECW Wrestling star) and Derrick Scayfe{Local Hip Hop Artist} Seraphim Aun{On Skype} Plus Skeeter Rock and Swishup Beatz Records Artists.  

Water, water, everywhere.

Pride in separating my emotions from movies continuously gives me strength to focus on the sounds, lights, camera angles and quality. I mean, they are fiction, therefore they do not directly relate to the life I lead. Little did I know my life would change that August morning when I


  "Jae did an amazing job reviewing our television show Surviving the Undead. She was fair and it was a smart review also!! It helped increase the viewership on television and online!! We owe allot to Jae for her words about the show."-Todd Braley, Producer/Director/Writer

Discover the novel that puts science back into the Mermaid

The 'Tail' Begins: Tales From School series, Book 1 Watch the Book Trailer Here Imagine that you were kidnapped, experimented on, and turned into something new: A Human Electric Cave Catfish, the creation of a 21st Century mad scientist. Would your birth family accept you, even though you lost your classification as a

Interview – BOW

  Oh, boy, you are missing out on a fantastic radio personality! Let us introduce you to *drummm rolllll* Brothers on Whatever! After an hour on the second segment, you will hear Jae Byrd Wells!     "Wells reaches deep into her imagination and comes out with a story you never could have imagined, but with

Pratt Public Library

Youth Program Recommendation 1/06/2015 Hello, my name is Mendi Egging. I am the Young Adult Librarian at the Pratt Public Library in Pratt Kansas. I first met Jae Byrd Wells a little over a year ago when I was planning activities for my Tween after school program. My boss and I