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Gettin Jiggy with KCCC 2016

For the first two days at KCCC 2016, I cosplayed as Kaylee Fry from Firefly by Joss Whedon. The last day, I dressed as a bellydancer because I earned a name as bellydancing something. Yes, people snapped photos of me as Kaylee, but not everyone recognized me. I experimented and

Interview – BOW

  Oh, boy, you are missing out on a fantastic radio personality! Let us introduce you to *drummm rolllll* Brothers on Whatever! After an hour on the second segment, you will hear Jae Byrd Wells!     "Wells reaches deep into her imagination and comes out with a story you never could have imagined, but with

Interview – Smallville

Smallville Comic Con 2014 Wait until you reach 39:20 to listen to Jae Byrd Wells. (I apologize for looking so fragile. Two weeks before this convention, I had had surgery.)