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Visit Annamay Music inspire me to live Life to it's full potential and I hope to encourage my listeners to the same. Singer Songwriter and Engineer. Given name Anna-Maria. LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW  

The Sunday Radio Program Featuring Guest Host Jae Byrd Wells

Tune in Sunday Jan 8, 2017 at 2pm-4pm  Join Jae Byrd Wells as she plays Co-Host for the second time with Jiggy. Host: Jiggy Jaguar Co-Host: Jae Byrd Wells Guests: Tone CruZ Angel medina (former ECW Wrestling star) and Derrick Scayfe{Local Hip Hop Artist} Seraphim Aun{On Skype} Plus Skeeter Rock and Swishup Beatz Records Artists.  

Interview – BOW

  Oh, boy, you are missing out on a fantastic radio personality! Let us introduce you to *drummm rolllll* Brothers on Whatever! After an hour on the second segment, you will hear Jae Byrd Wells!     "Wells reaches deep into her imagination and comes out with a story you never could have imagined, but with