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It shouldn't surprise me when I hear about a tale of blessing someone. I remember begging the Creator, "If I can't save my family with finances from this book, let me bless one soul. Let them learn something that will change their life. First, one shared their story. Then many


  "Jae did an amazing job reviewing our television show Surviving the Undead. She was fair and it was a smart review also!! It helped increase the viewership on television and online!! We owe allot to Jae for her words about the show."-Todd Braley, Producer/Director/Writer

Discover the novel that puts science back into the Mermaid

The 'Tail' Begins: Tales From School series, Book 1 Watch the Book Trailer Here Imagine that you were kidnapped, experimented on, and turned into something new: A Human Electric Cave Catfish, the creation of a 21st Century mad scientist. Would your birth family accept you, even though you lost your classification as a

Interview – BOW

  Oh, boy, you are missing out on a fantastic radio personality! Let us introduce you to *drummm rolllll* Brothers on Whatever! After an hour on the second segment, you will hear Jae Byrd Wells!     "Wells reaches deep into her imagination and comes out with a story you never could have imagined, but with

Pratt Public Library

Youth Program Recommendation 1/06/2015 Hello, my name is Mendi Egging. I am the Young Adult Librarian at the Pratt Public Library in Pratt Kansas. I first met Jae Byrd Wells a little over a year ago when I was planning activities for my Tween after school program. My boss and I

Inside book one

"Jae Byrd Wells has written a fascinating novel dealing with a new race of part human/part fish beings. An evil doctor uses a rare catfish DNA to change his subjects which he has collected in many ways including kidnapping, into Human Electric Cave Catfish. Jayne Flynn and the kidnapped Marian

Reviews – Sci-FI

  “If you like YA stories with a spice of weird, you'll probably enjoy The 'Tail' Begins.”, an online community of Fantasy & Sci-Fi fans, readers, movie lovers, cosplayers, writers, and artists   Find them elsewhere:

Interview – Smallville

Smallville Comic Con 2014 Wait until you reach 39:20 to listen to Jae Byrd Wells. (I apologize for looking so fragile. Two weeks before this convention, I had had surgery.)