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Codclamit,  Codclam, codclam right, codclam the torpedoes, codclam well, give a codclam #SlipperyCuss You better believe I codclam went there! I really can't remember who came up with this word, but I know I didnt' I wish I could give them credit where credit is due. Here is another word which have


  #SlipperyCuss Shell, Shell yeah, (oh) shell no, (Oh) Shellfish no, Hotter than shell (fish), be shell on, for the shell of it, get /catch shell, give someone shell, go to shell in a coral basket, shell on fins, like shell, Like shell it won't! Let's go ahead and talk about another favorite


Coddamnit, coddamit, Coddamn, coddamn, coddamn right, coddamn the torpedoes, coddamn well, give a coddamn #SlipperyCuss Come on, yell it at the top of your lungs! You know you want to. It's probably Jae's favorite cuss word at conventions and libraries. Take a 'codfish' minus the 'fish' and slap it in front of