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Cheap Candy Day

Cheap Candy Day

Some people might not celebrate major holidays, but mostly everyone enjoys celebrating the holiday after: Cheap Candy Day (when all the stores puts their candy on sale.)




Competitive Holidays

By Jae Byrd Wells


“We celebrate a great rush several times a year,

…That unforgettable special day causes a mixture.

A fusion when a split personality takes over, I fear.

All those gorram advertisements does lure,

The common folk into buyin’ ever’thin’ off the shelves.

One trait gives purchased treasures to the sweet craving patients.

The other part has me chomping prizes into devilish halves.

Giving to Oncology victims, and keeping some makes a good acquaintance.

Sellers beware for buyers will continue to play!

You can’t keep me from celebrating “CHEAP CANDY DAY”!”





How do you celebrate it?

How long does it take for you to buy it? 1-3days?

How much candy do you buy?

Where do you stash it?

Is there candy that you don’t purchase because of packaging or shape??

Who do you give some to?

Do you keep it all for yourself?

Do you donate some to your local Oncology department?


Happy Cheap Candy Day!

Don’t get sick!

Spread the cheer!

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