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Love is a choice


There are a lot of fans on facebook who say they follow me because of my strength. Let me tell you, life itself reminds me of going through birthing labour. There I was, in the biggest battle against my mind ever. The doctors said I made natural labour look so easy, they flocked to use me as a study. Let me tell you, my body might not have been moving, I might not have been loudly screaming for drugs, but if it had not been for my Doula and support team, I would have lost that battle. One person massaged each limb on the pressure point, keeping my body disconnected from my brain. In my mind’s eye, I focused on letting go of my body so it could do the natural thing it was designed to do. Although I had a support team, they were not doing the work in my mind for me. It was my choice to continue the battle within.

Hope, love, fear, hate are all words based on a feeling or emotion. Those individual feelings are accessed by a choice whether or not someone else affected the path I walked on. I chose minute by minute whether I was going to cooperate or not with my body during natural labor. Yesterday, a neighbor threatened me. That was his action, but my action was my choice. I yelled at my son who watched the neighbor threaten me, “See, this is what he is like. You sit there and call me a liar one more time. Tell me, how I am making his hate up.”

Sure, we discussed his hate and we discussed our own. A certain religion has taught the world that even if you think it, you have sinned. I am here to tell you a different version. In that moment, when we discussed our anger toward our neighbor’s injustice, we did not do anything physically dishonorable against him as revenge. We kept our anger in check.

Feelings are a choice. It’s what you do with them that make you who you are. A knight might be angry with the way his King treated him, but will he choose to obey a just and true king or will he let hate poison his heart and declare mutiny? Yes, words do hurt. I’m not saying they don’t, but get back out of your dark hiding hole. Choose daily to put a smile on your face and just keep chugging. Keep living. Do not let the choices of others pull you down to their level. Do not let poison control your physical actions.

In order to spread love, you have to choose love… by minute, hourly and daily. You might not like what someone did to you. You might hate what they did, but love is respecting their god-given right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness.



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