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Coddamnit, coddamit, Coddamn, coddamn, coddamn right, coddamn the torpedoes, coddamn well, give a coddamn


Come on, yell it at the top of your lungs! You know you want to. It’s probably Jae’s favorite cuss word at conventions and libraries. Take a ‘codfish’ minus the ‘fish’ and slap it in front of a beaver’s damn. Start using slippery cuss words to curb your habit, make you think or just give you relief in a professional slippery community. No matter if you are the spawn of a sailor or if you have aqua-phobic tendencies, we don’t want our merfolk or HECCs scaring away customers, clients or making parents mad at the birthday party you’re performing at. Yelling or spouting “coddamnit” not only diffuses your anger, but pleasantly affects those around you. Emphasize the ‘cod’ for your clients, family or friends and they will not give it a second thought about you referring to their deity. We are also preparing you for your ‘fishing’ expedition on sea, open ocean or in the spawning grounds. No telling if HECCs or merfolk really exist or not and you don’t want to frighten them away with your disgraceful tongue.



Hurrying into the library classroom, Kansas Author Jae Byrd Wells carried bulky demonstration materials stacked from her waist to just under her chin. An eager male writer backed into her, thus causing Jae to dump the entire contents of her hands onto the floor. Glancing around at her audience, Jae slid a foot back as she inhaled deep before exhaling. The horrified children were disarmed by Jae grinning like a possum. “CODdamnit!” They all laughed their tails off as several stepped up to help her pick up the mess.

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