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Deja Vu Freezes The Clock.


It’s my opinion that the first book I ever spent hours obsessing over is too personal to be published first. My ideas, ideals, and tips were admired by my audience of 100 friends and family. A few are still mad at me that my sci-fi novel is being published first because they wanted more than the sneak peek that I let them taste. I forgot that you, my facebook fans crave the same feast where my thoughts and ideas tickle your funny bone or make you laugh and cry. ….That is until the day of the birthday party.


We arrived on time (for a wise artist is never late). The playground enticed patient children to gulp, choke, and inhale their limited nutritious bags of food. Worn out parents picked at snacks, but feasted on socializing. It was brought to my attention that the playground had been contaminated and the employee told the parent of an infant to clean it. “It’s the parents responsibility to clean up messes their children made”. However, the mess was placed there before our guests arrived.


Years ago, when I worked at a different location, we employees had no problem doing a daily or biweekly wipe down as long as a professional cleaning crew did it once a month. Before lessons in life led me away, the new owner had taken over causing me to despise the new morality which included no more baby changing stations. So let me get this straight? It’s more hygienic to change a poopy diaper in a booth, wet sink counter, or on the bathroom floor? You’re telling me that with as many lawsuits as there are that I cannot sue for getting my child deathly ill with the germs left behind?


Needless to say after I made a stink about it, knowing the manager personally, an employee cleaned up the mess and quietly informed us that the mess was proudly made in the intestines of a child. The horror! Fate allowed everyone to finish our celebration, but left us all worrying about possibly fighting an illness.


What is our society coming to? That is the question that taxes me. My jaw tightens while my nostrils flair. Anger pumps my heart with adrenaline and my toes curl. On this giant chessboard, what more can the ones in charge put us pawns through? Are they trying to cause our team to checkmate? Are they trying to hand us carelessly over while they pretend to lead us on?


Society needs to take care of itself, but who makes up society? We do. Parents do. Families make up society. For as long as I live and as long as my words live on, I will say it again. Chivalry needs to make a come-back. Out of all the fashion trends, morality needs to make a come-back. We need to care about the health of those around us by caring about our family. I’m not saying that we need to force others to care, I’m saying we need to open our hearts to love again. Let’s love ourselves, our families, and even the strangers around us. Let’s see how things trickle out from there.


Your servant,

Jae Byrd Wells

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