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Review- Ditch Party


Ditch party

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Description: Five students trap themselves in the basement of their high school during an all-out assault on students and faculty, all at the hands of one disturbed student geared with guns and explosives.

Daeg Faerch, Noel G., DeeDee Rescher
1 hour 24 minutes


If I had not visited with the actor Noel G at Smallville Comic Con 2017, I would have never touched this movie with a ten-foot pole. My personal promise to share my opinion in a review glued my chivalrous promise-keeping butt to my chair with my fingers nailed to my keyboard. Countless times I would have pressed the stop button not from the production, but because of the subject matter.

I forewarn anyone faint of heart or recovering from abdominal surgery to just take my word and refrain from watching. However, brave individuals shouldn’t watch this alone nor let the ‘small’ distribution (amazon only) of this film deter them from something worth time, energy and its weight in gold. This is no ordinary indie film; therefore, distractions are limited when mentally questioning the professionalism of the actors, directors, stage hands and behind the scenes crew. Diversions of scrutinizing political propaganda brings the audience occasionally back to reality. Neither major political party is overwhelmingly apparent. Conservatives, liberals, second amendment supporters and hoplophobes will be drawn into this movie without begging for a refund. This film is for educational purposes and questioning humanity only. This should never be viewed as entertainment.

This is one of those moments in time where humans ponder the fragility of life today and tomorrow. Memories will haunt the viewer of their own personal experiences in high school. Adults and teens alike will be reminded of controlling individuals in their youth and those they will more than likely bump into in the future. Although my children are DIE HARD and RED fans, I do not approve of them to watch this movie. I do know, when they are emotionally ready, we will watch it with them and openly discuss it. Each parent will have to assess the timing they let their teens and preteens watch this film. Any human sympathizing with the antagonist should seek counselling and a healthier outlet.


There is no escaping this delicate subject. The politically and culturally diverse audience are reeled into every jaw dropping professional camera angle, rotations, panning, drone angles, transitions and production. The writers brought their entire game to this well organized and complicated plot and subplots in the beginning, middle and end of the story. The actors, including the teens, skillfully interact with realistic props, sets, and the well-developed characters with the cards dealt to them. The spirits of the characters possessed the actors as though the actor experienced the events from a previous life cycle or alternate reality. Viewers might wish the protagonists would take a more active role, but grateful for the expected and unexpected plot twist in the intense climax. Several scenes portrayed the actors positioning their bodies toward the camera in an unnatural stance. I correctly guessed the entire plot which is perfectly shown instead of telling.

The opening scene yanks the viewer into the story, leaving them morbidly curious if they will live or die in this roller coaster ride with magnificent twists. The unspoken and unwritten language uttered from nearly all the actors’ eyes and facial expressions communicates to the viewer’s mind, soul, and emotions without vocalized interpretation. The varied unexpected and expected twists and knots quizzes the brain with thought provoking challenges. What is going on here? What will come next? Without previously scrutinizing the trailer or reading the synopsis, the story exhibits virtual reality. Without the lazy ability to turn on subtitles, the viewership is challenged to use all 6 senses compared to reading a book.

Humor splashed in the movie should not be scorned because humor is a realistic coping method in this world populated by humans. I am deeply fascinated with the story and camera transitions from one character to another. Each character profiling reeled me into every angle of the entire story. The main characters crafted by teenage actors and even the teenage extras were expertly picked for the job at hand by the awesome casting director. These characters entice us to wish we interacted with them in real life so we can laugh when they feel joy and cry when they experience sorrow. Every character is questionable of their true intentions and whether they are guilty of an upcoming plot twist. Some of the fake smiles might be assumed to portray the lack of talent by the actor, but that is not the case. Those fake smiles by the actors were expertly implemented for the emotions at hand. The few sentences in Spanish are not lost by the viewer, because the emotions were clearly spelled out in the conversation. Several actors lacked tear stained cheeks at times. I absolutely love the peach fuzz on a few of the actors. The whole talk about judging a book by its cover came across like a beacon. The actors correctly respond and react to the slightest sound of danger as if their own lives were at stake. Passion in a difficult situation is correctly implemented as well as monologuing. The actor presenting the antagonist should receive a reward. Eating and drinking seems realistic unlike other movies. Noel G gifted the viewers their eager expectation of a stunning performance throughout the whole film.


Unlike numerous Hollywood movies, the weapons are handled as if the performers studied proper training techniques with real dangerous tools whether guns or everyday objects. Instead of the audience assuming the actors scorn guns, we are left with the assumption the actors scorn bad behavior and not the tool used. The prop bags, slings, amount of ammo, weapons, clothing all match facts and statistics. I am going to be honest about the fact this movie hits closer to home than I’d like. This film sends me back in time to the active shooters class I participated in. Our class scrutinized and learned from the actual columbine security footage, thus my uneven heartbeat from this fiction production will haunt me again. I am peering over my shoulder to expect danger, but alas I am in an empty room. I admire the times where the character shows knowledge of the safety rules and the lack of thereof. Fingers are off the trigger and the guns were pointed in safe directions. Whereas at other times, the finger was carelessly positioned on the trigger and the weapon carelessly muzzle sweeping. A bullet embedded in the wall with realistic impact and shatter. I admit at one point in time, I attempted to change the camera angle with my head looking to see if the antagonist had a finger on the trigger.

If there is an award for lighting, then the crew of Ditch Party should unanimously receive it. The lighting clearly elicits the ultimate conditions to insinuate good and bad emotions throughout the film. Several actors’ teeth are falsely perfectly aligned and far too clean for the common high schooler or drug addict.


The lack of production crew in the perfectly mirrored windows keep the audience from dissing the perfectly clean and out of character windows and hallways. The limited wear and tear on building structure, chairs, equipment leave the viewer relating to a theatre set. There is accurate clutter in a compelling scene, but Janitor closest feels too clean. Makeup, sound effects, and computer graphics are up to date with a higher budget.  Computer screens felt real with what would be on the computer screen. The music throughout the film pulls the viewer into the story including the credits. Blood and disaster makeup didn’t add up in a couple of scenes leaving the audience wondering if the budget ran out. However, no expense was spared in this production. The makeup and costumes fit the characters including the awesome job on the antagonist.

I still wonder why this school mimics those who lack Israel’s example by arming their teachers. Victims are victims.  I am disappointed more teachers are not drilled with battle wound emergency care and fighting predators.


I rate Ditch Party with 5 cups of tea out of 5.


3 thoughts on “Review- Ditch Party

  1. I watched the movie. It’s a professional indie production made by middle-aged professional filmmakers. It’s competently written, directed, photographed, and acted. I have nothing good to say about its hackneyed storyline and sociological cliches.

    There is one notable howler: when a teacher played by an actor in his forties claims to be of the generation that fought World War II and the Cold War. The writer and directer knew better. They expect their audience is too dumb to notice.

    Watch my movies Lady Magdalene’s and Alongside Night instead. Both are also streaming on Amazon Video / Amazon Prime. They’re not only more entertaining, they have original libertarian content, better music, and actors you’ve heard of.

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