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East Burro Chruch


You happen upon this page because…

~ You seriously want to ban every book written about gene splicing (starting with this one).

~you’re searching for info for your comic-con persona for the East Burro Church in “The ‘Tail’ Begins”.  Wear clothes that are opposite of your natural instincts

  • Quotes
    • “The Apocalypse is here. The time is now. Repent. Dark times are here. We need to pray for the protection of all the God fearing individuals from the curse of these…these ‘Fish People’! The sins of this nation will cause the end to draw near. Listen, brothers and sisters, humanity has been tampered with….’ –The ‘Tail’ Begins
    • “The Ichthyosis has a new incurable strain affecting the public. We must quarantine them so we can get answers on how to stop it! We need to get samples of their blood and do experiments so that we can keep this disease from spreading!” – The ‘Tail’ Begins
    • “Video coverage of an anti-HECC rally went viral on the Internet.” – The ‘Tail’ Begins
    • “Video coverage of rally went viral on the Internet.” – The ‘Tail’ Begins
  • Human pride! (approved signs)
    • “Fish R ICHy!”
    • “God hates GENE Splicers!”
    • God hates HAGS!”
    • “God hates HECCS!”
    • “Ichthyosis Quarantine!”
    • “Save the human race!”
    • “Stop the Ich from spreading!”
    • Flush the Fish People!”
    • Disclaimer:

Jae Byrd Wells recognizes the need to fully enjoy fiction. Therefore she approves of posters with the Anti-HECC slogans for use in filming memories. She does not approve of rambunctious behavior which can lead to physical or material harm. Author supporters who approve of fictitious gene splicing can join as well as those who don’t.”

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