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Personally hot


Parenting Tip- Responsibility

“Keep the hot drinks-hot and the cold drinks-cold.” That has been my philosophy since right after my toddler received a small burn at a restaurant. Over the years, I have irritated the nicest employees with just telling them.

My oldest learned the hard way after I taught him about sipping hot tea and holding the hot cup because some waitress thought she knew better than me. The waitress returned with lukewarm or cold cocoa. I mean… seriously, if I wanted to order chocolate milk for my kid, I would order it, but I didn’t. The order was HOT COCOA… period. I let my son drink it because this exhausted first time mother thought I shouldn’t be nasty over something as small as a misunderstood order.  The next time we drank hot tea at home, he forgot his hot drink manners and attempted to chug it. His burn taught me to stand up for my superb parenting philosophy.

More than ten years later and here I am, being treated like crap for ordering hot cocoa for my children. People do not want to get blamed, sued, or given a bad review of their business because parents ‘pass the buck’. My children complained the cold temperature and begged for it to be heated up in the microwave. After the waitress heated it slightly, I explained to the children we couldn’t take up her time by getting her to heat it until it was just right. The cold outside temperature encouraged us to stop for something hot. The children vocalized their desire for their hot drinks to warm their hands, bellies and throats. I swear the lady acted like she should turn me into parental police services because the possibility of me harming my children. Instead of the customer is always right, she argued and gave us microwaved cocoa. My children wonder why we don’t go there often enough.

Personal responsibility is the title of this thread because it’s lost in this era. I taught the children personal responsibility when it came to sipping something hot. I am still fighting one of my kids who loves to drink ice water in the winter, but I drove it into their brains to keep hot drinks – hot. Businesses are frightened of the possibility of being sued and everyone thinks they have a right to insert their personal beliefs into others’ lives.


I have to cut this short. My pc has shut down twice. Sorry folks. Hope this helps you be a better person.




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