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Honour and addiction


There are times when you promise something that doesn’t pan out because of how life butts in the way. However, when you are more concerned about losing yourself instead of improving yourself, then you have reached a point of harming others instead of improving the world around you.

Addiction can be harmless or harmful depending on what it is. Movies, comic books, sewing projects whether cosplay or garb are all examples of harmless addictions… or are they? At least to a point. I mean, there are still times when a person can turn it into a harmful project to themselves and others. Money, fame, and power are all motives for turning harmless habits into ones that can hurt others. It doesn’t matter what tool you use when you lose yourself, it is when you stomp on others to achieve what you want.

When your desire is to embed your body, soul, and honour into mind altering drugs, then it overwhelms your honour. It is high time for personal reflection. Mind altering drugs can allow you to make unbelievable promises to others which makes you a liar, a thief and a person who needs to stop, think, and repent.

I’m not talking about ‘repent’ when you say a meaningless sorry. The original word ‘repent’ means you stop doing a wrong act and never do it again. Willfully promising opportunities to others while under the influence of mind altering drugs converts any fun person into the sewer of dishonour.

It’s time to return this society to honour, which starts with each individual. What are you thinking about when you read this blog post? Are you thinking of someone else and how you can change them? Well, you better stop right there. You cannot change anyone, but yourself. You should be thinking about you and how you can personally make a difference in this life.


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