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How to use a tool?


Over the last year, I have meant to sit down with the intention of striking the keys on this keyboard for this particular post. Let us approach the subject we all fear: anger and guns.

I am very glad to find the time today. This weekend, I ordered my children to attend an anger management workshop because we have been influenced around us by those who would consider they have a g-d-given right to judge us. Irony befell us when one of my daughters remained angry the whole 45minutes. Two children spent twenty minutes mad at me for forcing them to listen. Today, I pissed off someone who in turn embarrassed me in front of an entire audience.

Those among humanity carrying guns for protection continue to experience love, sadness, joy, hate, jealousy and rage. we don’t lose those aspects of humanity when we pick up a gun. The gun does not have magical powers which suddenly sucks all the love out of us, replacing it with anger, hate, and jealousy. We refrain from shooting a person or a group of individuals with the need to consistently reject us. The bravest of us are clothed with the Armour of strength, courage, compassion and respect. See, guns are just tools like a hammer, nail gun, ice pick, pillow case, or a swimming pool. Most concealed carry holders understand the correct timing to use the handguns, machine guns, AR’s, etc., etc. They believe in something bigger, greater, and more powerful then themselves. It is the foundation they maintain which keeps them in check.

Watching the tv series Gotham portrays a touch of an individual’s morality. Young Bruce makes a choice to never kill and although his legacy shows that he holds fast to that concept, one can see he makes the choice daily. Decisions are made daily when it comes how to use the tools around us.

Murder can happen from throwing a rock, a brick, or any solid object. A building can be used as a murdering tool to collapse on more people than an “automatic weapon” can in two minutes. Should buildings be banned? Boats have the same potential. Should they also be banned? Just because a materialistic object can be utilized in a manner which could hurt, harm, or murder a person or a multitude of people, should they be banned?

Of course not! Time to reign in that anger and use it for the greater good. When someone humiliates you when you were just trying to do something nice, just smile and wave. Look at the world around you. Observe and ponder how your decisions would affect the people around you. Is there a lesson you can teach others by example or by teaching them? That’s what I do.

You are not alone.



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