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Inside book one


“Jae Byrd Wells has written a fascinating novel dealing with a new race of part human/part fish beings. An evil doctor uses a rare catfish DNA to change his subjects which he has collected in many ways including kidnapping, into Human Electric Cave Catfish. Jayne Flynn and the kidnapped Marian Harrison, along with about 60 others, must learn how to survive with their new bodies. The families that were left behind must also deal with the changes to their loved one. A great read with many twists and turns.”- Margene Burnham NBCT, Public School Librarian


“A great read we are glad to recommend to anyone, can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.”-Anita Siemer and Company, Bookstore Owner


“Jae has crafted a merry romp into the creepy and slightly macabre. The relationships among people, research, and ideologies ring true. The ending leaves me wondering what will come. Happy reading.”-Laurel Zhang, Education Manager


“Ms. Wells has a unique style of character development to her story that in part mixes a sense of melancholy and reverie. She does a great job with development of her story’s characters.” -John Yates, Broadcaster and writer

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