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Killer bunny?


Last year, I sat in a blind for the first time. I never saw a deer, but I heard the songs of nature. I also hunted with my hubby next to a pond. Did we see any deer? Nope. I sat alone in front of a tree and totally freaked out. I swear there was another hunter nearby, but after we investigated, we did not find one. I saw one deer on that particular adventure and did not get a shot off. There was no reason to be afraid. I mean, I had a gun.

It was last weekend when we forgot some ammo and arrived late to our location. Hubby found a location, I located mine and my two boys went to their spot. The day passed without any sign of deer, but tracks. The following morning, we actually left before dark. We were in a new and unfamiliar location which made me not in a good mood. Those who I let get too close find out quickly that I hate change especially abrupt unknown outcome changes. I only hesitated for three minutes. I had already hunted in the location before, but I still did not look forward to setting up in the dark. Instead of leaving the ‘road’ to go to the trees, I remained planted within two feet of the road. The darkness soaked into my skin and I counted down the seconds, minutes and days before the sun would play peek-a-boo with the sky. When light crept onto the ground so did the mirages from lack of sleep. I could have sworn there was something down the road moving. It wasn’t until the sun decided it was morning when I decided the trees were dancing on the road creating a deer, a cougar or the boogie man. The stress had taken its toll on my back and pulled my muscles away from my bones, forming a horrible knot.

Later that day, the boys messaged me about spotting cougar poop and they totally freaked. I sent them encouraging words before they found out it was coyote poop near the rabbit in the bushes. I am afraid the entire family has teased them about Monty Python’s killer rabbit.

Although we did not bring home any meat, we did learn about our faith in the Creator. I think it might take some more time before I can become the huntress my family needs.

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