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Lay Off Georgi


Alright, Georgi.

let’s talk woman to woman, mother to mother.


1. Ray King sent me a friend request.

2. Although I am connected to 28k (and you have less than 35), it doesn’t make me a whore. It makes me AWESOME at what I DO.

3. I scrutinize all my friends requests, therefore I went through your father’s posts. Yes, I do go back several months to see if the requester is a fake account.

4. I can’t help but like your posts that you tagged Ray King. They are funny. Yes, I was drawn to look at more but i was still on his account and they were public posts. Check you security settings on privacy.

5. Yes, after careful prodding today. I remember sending your hubby a friend request and you biting my head off in a PM from his account. Yes I blocked that account so I didn’t have to see your nastiness or ever send your husband a friend request again.

6. You immediately attacked me on the comments on your father’s post. You verbally threatened to affect my livelihood by reporting my accounts. You called me names.

7. I have birthed 4 children naturally. I know all about post par tum depression. I breastfed 3 kids at same time throughout my sons chemo. I held him down. My husband worked 6 months straight 7am to 11;30pm with no days off WHILE MY SON WENT THROUGH CHEMO. No one helped us. I did everything myself. You’re a big girl. You got this.

8. No. I didn’t send anyone on facebook to privately attack you. They did that because they know I’m not the names you called me.

9. You threatened to entrap me on a public post and send your buddies after me.

10. I’ve been physically threatened by foreigners. The government has watched my facebook closely. Therefore, your little army buddies need to be aware of their threatening and stalking me. The repercussions of you using your husbands soldier account to attack me will probably have consequences.

11. You sent people to friend me and call me whore, cunt, fake, slut, etc. You have officially screwed yourself over on social media by making yourself infamous. YOU WERE IN THE WRONG. YOU ARE YOU WOMAN UP TO YOUR SELFISH ATTITUDE.

12. I posted my frustration and turned it into humor on all my walls. Had you not stalked my accounts and commented on all those posts, people would not have started to harass you. You called me fake. You called me whore. I didn’t attack you. You attavked me, I reported on my accounts that if I lost my accounts, my FANS would know why and who was spreading lies.

13. Yes. I covertly checked your account to see if you were sending people to private message me sexy comments. I did taunt you on my wall and tell you that I saw your public posts.

14. No, I am not removing the evidence of your social media attacks. If I remove the evidence, then you can post lies telling everyone how my fans attacked you.

15. I Do not need your husband. My husband completely satisfies me. No. I don’t go around whoring. I have never sent anyone any revealing photos in PM.

16. If Haley Berry’s fans can daydream about her, flirt, and worship her then why cannot my fans flirt with me on my wall? Why cannot they respect me by refraining from flirting in my private messages. NO, that does not make me a whore.

17. You are a beautiful woman, Georgi. Your husband should be proud of your accomplishments and support you fully. You should not be using your husbands account to attack women.

18. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO ADD STRANGERS ON FACEBOOK in order to market my talents.

19. You say that everything is not your fault, but it is. Your selfish childish behavior has consequences.


 Fans. Leave Georgi alone until she can increase her vitamins, minerals, and her general attitude. She is young and has a whole lot to learn.  It would be wonderful if she can woman up from her mistakes. I’m sure we could have been friends since we like science fiction and Star Wars.





You should have talked woman to woman in the first place without attacking me. Sending me a pm and blocking me isn’t woman to woman. It’s still cowardly. Saying you are going to commit suicide because you think you’re fat will not solve anything. Bullies win if you kill yourself. Be a better person and learn from your ten minutes of fame. Telling everyone that you are ugly on the outside doesn’t make people feel sorry for you because of your nasty inside. Calling me names for laughing at a joke doesn’t make you right. It makes you in the wrong. Telling everyone false information saying that we attacked you first puts you in the wrong. Had you politely asked your father to remove his friend request to me, I would have obliged. I did remove him from my friends because you were spying on me and posting my photos on your account placing more logs on the social media fire.

By me leaving up the proof, keeps my honor in tact. You need to make a new profile. I can help you if you want because I am good at it. You have ruined your “good” name so you will have to come up with a different account. If you do not understand a social media platform, ask for help from those good at it. Stop sending your soldier buddies to send me sexy messages, trying to entrap me. I am not a fool or a whore.

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