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Love conquers all


Okay. That does it.
I’m ready to vent.
Don’t like it. UNFRIEND ME! Yeah. I’m talking to the person who reported a gun joke on my Facebook. One account. If it was against community standards on Facebook, then why is only one out of three accounts in jail? Thanks for making Facebook block me from conducting author business. I won’t miss you. Just leave. You complain about my numbers of connections on Facebook? How many no’s does it take to get a yes sale for a book?

Alright. Listen up.

At Age 10- lost family member due to unexpected death. Little to no family support.

Age16- endometriosis. Powerful experimental drug telling my body I was going through menopause on steroids. I wore tank tops in the middle of 20 below weather. Instead of my classmates asking me what was up, they judged me. They refused to be my friend and told me that I was just trying to get attention.
18- husband lied, cheated, stole from me and told his friends that I was his roommate instead of his wife. I left my football filming scholarship because of health and ptsd. All because I gave him a chance to improve his life while he Ficked up mine.
22- almost died after surgery because I miraculously got pregnant. No one planned a shower for me so I planned one myself. After being ridiculed, I told my friend that it was called off because someone told me that I was stupid for putting one on. She took over. Too late. My cry for love was ignored again. Never received any baby showers for my other babies. We paid for their needs.
25? Cared for my 3yr old with cancer all by myself because hubby worked 7am-11pm six months straight no days off.
No one raised funds for us. We were told we didn’t deserve help because hubby had a good job. We paid for everything along insurance.
Christians constantly explained to us thattha deserve help because we didn’t attend their churches or believe like them.
We buried our children in movies and material objects to shower love on them amongst the hate drowning us. They weren’t allowed friends by the hateful community who rejected us.
I suffered from Adreline fatigue and health problems. We didn’t receive help, food, clothing, babysitters because we didn’t deserve to live on their planet with them.
I tried to cope by writing. After I found a writers club, I received no guidance in achieving my dreams. One lady friend outsideo of the group helped me.

The first comiccon I attended:  My children and I were made fun because of our costumes.
My gun saved my life after a male goat stomped on me. He tried to kill me. Again with the surgeries.
I am despised by those around me in the comic Con world just because I want to live, learn, love and laugh again.
I have moral and standards. I believe guns are tools. My body. My choice. I choose to make a difference in the world with love. It’s not the tools that are evil; It’s the intentions behind the tools. I need those tools for defensive reasons. I live where 2+4 legged predators exist. The world has taught me that I protect my own because no one else thinks I deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I earn my living. I constantly cross the sahara desert of life, hoping for an oasis.

A pen is mightier than the sword. You’re right. It is. And I have a big mouth to prove it.  You think that by reporting my post that you can hurt my feelings? Get me banned?

Let me tell you. I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death and then some.

You will not silence me!

Love conquers all!

I was a victim. But no more. I am a survivor. I’m a warrior. A badass spreading love while reminding others to agree to respectfully disagree in this cold war.

I am a delicate feminine flower! No matter what you do to me, I will continue to attempt to spread my words. You treat people with hate?

I want them to be heard. I want people to follow their dreams! I want people to love.

Stop hating what you don’t understand. Don’t want a gun. Fine. Don’t own one. But why silence what you do not understand. You don’t understand me.

I love you even though you think I don’t deserve life.

Make sure you pick up my poetry book on Amazon. You’ll see. You’re not alone. I’m here. I’m human. I make mistakes. But I will not let go of hope.

There’s Hope. The oasis is nearby. You got this. Bad day? So?! You can do this. You can spread love even those around you despise you!

Jae Byrd Wells

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