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Love will build humanity


“I never got a chance to thank you for walking up to me that one day.”

My mind went blank. I searched her face for clues.

“I was crying and you approached me. I never thanked you for that. Thank you.” The young lady smiled.It was an act of kindness that I had done because that’s what humans are supposed to do.

Jumping up, I shook her hand and told her that it was no problem.

Sitting down, I reflected upon that day. I had been extremely angry that no one would sit by my. I had even experienced people excusing themselves to leave only to find them sitting by better people. When I had watched her cry for five minutes and no one approached her, I stood up, sat down and conversed. When she didn’t offer any explanation to her tears, I had tried the other approach: her likes, dislikes, goals in life and just schedule questions. Where did you grow up? Do you miss home? What was your favorite thing about home?

That’s the thing about being human. You don’t have to walk in their shoes to let them know that they matter.

Truth is, today, I am dealing with the aftermath of being attacked on social media.

“Why do you have all your facebook accounts, Jae?” “It’s a waste of time.”

No, I do not sell all my photos, books, appearances at the day. But, think of this. Money is not my reward when I go to the grave. Love is. Just like that girl I helped months ago. My smile, my act of random kindness gave her a reason to live another day. She will go on and affect someone else down the road. Love is what we need to spread and take with us to the grave.

Here, this gal made my day. Just by thanking me… on a day, I needed the reminder of what the shellfish am I doing talking to strangers.

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