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Tiger or Lion?


Animals lose their respect and fear for man when people place them on tall pedestals. What are we teaching our children? Do we desire our great grandchildren  to become like mice to roam the earth? I am no expert by any means. I am just a loud mouth daughter, mother, farmer, city slicker, writer and woman. Although I have done a bit of research, my disclaimer is do your own. Please be open to both sides of the sources like I am. Watch and read the propaganda from all perspectives. What are their end goals?

The moment people worship animals or perhaps entertain the idea they equal us in intelligence and soul is the day we will be led to the slaughter. Cartoons are encouraging children to consider animals think with the minds and souls of humans. I’m not saying animals have the same souls as humans, but they do have a spark of individuality which leaves their body like humans. By the command of the Creator, they were given a different task and a different set of rules they adhere to. Animals especially those with predator instincts should never be treated as equals. Never. Why you ask? What’s that, you don’t worship a statue of a cow, a goat, a pig or a mouse? You don’t sacrifice humans to appease the tiger? No. I’m not pointing fingers about other cultures. I am talking to the conservationists. Who is watching the conservationists?

A portion of man being in charge of the care of a species is to make sure they don’t overpopulate us by climbing to the top of the food chain. On a farm, one must maintain or control of their environment by eating or selling off a certain number of males and females. It is the practice of centuries to keep one alpha male to mate with a certain number of females. Yes, oh my codfish. I am saying the evil ‘P’ word: polygyny. This style of marriage among animals is practiced naturally in the wild animal kingdoms. The strongest will mate with a ton of females in order to keep the herd at its best to escape predators. They will protect and treat their females as wives or one night stands. (They must be learning from watching humans on that ritual.)

In the wild, man must hunt for food, sport or by whatever means necessary to control the outcome number of prey because we compete with the predators. Yes, the meat you buy at a grocery store was killed and so was the vegetables. The number of deer is controlled with certain seasons for hunting a specific age and gender. When the number climbed too high because a specific political group monopolized the other group’s time by not sharing seasons, Kansas reintroduced cougars to start controlling the deer population. The cougars rose in numbers providing mankind to watch the cougars travel great distances and claim territories over several states. 

Man gave wolves their territory back inside Yellowstone Park because they stopped mankind from controlling the species inside the borders. They forgot about the behavior of wolves! Wolves like bears, attack people and therefore humans were given their rights back to carry guns for protection outside, but not inside buildings. Two legged and four legged predators can still stalk and murder humans inside a building. Did these idiots not learn from watching the first Jurassic Park? Wolves adapt and even strike peace treaties with coyotes and other dogs to form a whole new problem prowling under man’s very nose.

I mentioned to hubby about some of the prophecies I researched about animals losing their fear of man. I pointed out the Tigers and the Komodos. Man is not allowed to defend themselves, their women, or their children from these predators. The tigers and komodos have their wrists slapped after they murder one of our own, but they adapted to this worship of their families, tribes, packs and herds. The komodos and the tigers know their families are safe from our wrath, our justice and our need to protect our own species. What happens when the wolves run out of food at Yellowstone? Did anyone ever consider a species becoming invasive when they get bored?

Lions don’t get bored with their food source. They understand in Africa the importance of conservation. Even if they ‘play’ with their food, they do not kill out of boredom. Dogs do. They get competitive, like challenges, and understand their surroundings. Lions tend to kill when they must like humans. When a lion becomes a man killer, man immediately puts them to death or at least they used to. Hunters used to control the lion population, but then they were condemned. Africa conservationists had to put down a ton of lions because their numbers soared out of proportion. Tigers and Komodos are not the concern of the USA. Wolves, bears, and cougars should be. Did conservationists consider fully the consequences of the actions of the Asian ladybugs when they got bored? The bugs didn’t just die off, they started biting humans and hiding inside the mouths of certain dogs. My Great Pyrenees dogs did not get infected with the nasty bugs so I believe it’s because their mouths are shallow compared to the infected dogs. You would not have thought about a bug lacking a higher predator than them to control them. Wolves, bears (polar, black and brown), cougars, panthers, coyotes all need to remember the bi-pedals are on top of this food chain. Otherwise, the worship of the beasts will encourage them to control our behaviors. 

I often hear the retarded idea about how the world would be a better environment if we just gave it back to the animals. In reality, are you willing to die so an animal could take your place? Perhaps we should all learn from Nimrod or Nero and hide the world inside a giant structure so the animals can roam free. Well, we know how the tower of Babel fell, it was human arrogance and self worship. Humans thought they knew better than the Creator. I don’t care which religion you are, we all walk on the same ground and each religion holds the belief of self preservation.

There is another belief floating around which can start with good intentions, but lead humanity to our destruction inside the snake’s burrow. Man should be punished for harming an animal? Well, I understand wanting to punish insane humans for torturing animals. What is torturing animals? Some people go far as to say castrating a cow, a goat, a dog, a buffalo is torture. Define torture? Okay, well I define torture as lighting an animal on fire, cutting on and animal, lighting a firecracker on an animal. The Torah defines one form of torture as tearing a limb from a live animal. Kosher or Hallel slaughtering of a food animal is about as humane killing as mankind can get. I guess you can go to the store and buy an animal that has not been harmed! Well, not yet, but I fear the arrival of the day when regenerative medicine, DNA Cloning and DNA Splicing will allow meat to be “grown” for human consumption. If that day comes, then animals will be worshiped and regarded to the exaggerated point leading animals to pick off humans, placing man at the bottom of the food chain. Let’s not even touch the concept of a man defending himself from a four legged weapon is worthy of a death penalty for a serial killer or a child molester. Sounds like someone is trying to use laws to exterminate those with a belief differing from his own. Certain beliefs want to punish the prey instead of the out of control predators.

Yes, let’s bring about our own destruction and pave the way for another world government to say we don’t have an individual right to live. Let’s worship animals and place them as equals. Not in my lifetime. Not in my children’s nor in my great- grandchildren’s. I will not be silent.

Signing off for now,

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