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“Men just shut down”


In this century, we are living with the consequences of our mothers being taught lies. It is said, “We don’t need no stinkin man.” Well, you may not, but your kids do. Masculinity is frowned on and belittled. Women want to know why men shut down, well they are conditioned to refrain from getting emotionally involved. There are men out there with the caveman desire to emotionally connect with women. When a woman they are dating stops talking or texting without a ‘goodbye, hit the road jack-this is how you screwed up’, they move on. Then, they receive the same treatment by another woman who says she can stay single.

In the dating world, when a man tries to fix a sink, a broken heater, or a car, a woman bites him a new hole in his ass. I mean, come on. Don’t tell a man, that you want more than sex, but turn around and yell at him for trying to know your schedule so he doesn’t disturb you during your work hours. Don’t tell a man you want to talk about religion, politics, and intellectual discussions, and then turn him away for a date night out on the town. Then, after purchasing toys, you drop the man like an old sofa on the side of the road.

Women are driving men away right and left. Instead of building a man up for fixing a frozen broken water pipe by saying thanks, women tell the man, “I need my own space. I don’t need a man to fix things for me.” No. You don’t, but it’s the empathy, thought, kindness, love, honor, and nature of a gentleman. When a man is constantly told over and over that women don’t need men, the society becomes a matriarch. The men act like children or slaves instead of the knights women crave. How can a man slay a dragon if you won’t let him inch closer to you? Where does that leave men? It leaves men without a father figure, a reason to live, a reason to work and a reason to prosper. Boys are turning to mind altering drugs to cope with the emotions of men being forced into a box called a woman’s body. Some research says that 26 out of 27 mass killing teens lack a father or father figure. Men are under the thumb of the USA government stacking the system up against a father trying to take his kids fishing, camping, or even play a video game. Commitment is gone. If a microwave is broke, instead of fixing it, you buy a new one. Kids used to learn how to fix stuff with their dads, but that tradition has faded with single moms and broken homes, combined with government policies which for decades punished having a man in the home. Women not only look to the government for its job, but they are seeking the government to fill the shoes of a man. Not only is the stuff and the fathers no longer fixable, but they are tossed away in the trash like a broken toy. If a sperm donor leaves, women treat a new man like the sperm donor. Women say that men shouldn’t treat them like their exes, but women treat their men like their exes. It is time to put down the boxing gloves on both sides. Now is the hour, to sit at the tea table, respectfully agreeing to disagree and arriving with compromises.

Women, you started the problem fifty years ago and now, women you’re going to need to fix it. Women can be a man’s neck and turn him wherever you want to a point, but men still need that caveman strand built in our human DNA to be the head that leads the body. There is a way for a man to be the head of a household without being an ass. Women, there are times to seduce a man with a carrot while you ride him like a donkey, but there are times when a man has the right to be stubborn because he sees a snake stopping you both from going down the wrong path.

Men aren’t as evil as society attempts to make them out to be. Most of their faults aren’t really faults at all. It is wonderful when they can fix something because that’s how they show love. It is awesome when a man tries to be that knight in rusted armour. Men and women are very different, but there is give and take on both sides. It’s time for women to stop trying to turn men into little women. A portion of masculinity isn’t going to hurt a boy or a wife. Bring love and commitment back. Let compromising for the sake of happily after return to the homes in which it departed from.

If you know me from my vast social media network or me and my family personally, then you are probably thinking that this is all about you. Well, in some ways, that is what it takes for a writer to connect with a reader and to make a difference in the world around them. There are many people, men and women alike that this entry is aimed at. That should let you know that you are not alone in this world. I am not singling out any one person or any one instance. This entry is like my poetry book and my science fictions. I write as generic as possible to reach a wider audience. I am looking at society as a whole and my past, my present and my future with numerous men and women who have bumped into me.  I myself, am guilty as charged as a girl, daughter, sister, woman, fiance, wife, mother, and mother figure. This particular entry in this blog is meant to change the world with one reader at a time. I am the voice in the dark, tapping on your heart.




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