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Are We Men Or Mice?


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Are We Men or Mice to be experimented on in a lab?

*First published on Right News Network (Right Side News) Fall 2018

When is a person, a person? When is a human, a human? When is an adult, an adult? Governments across the USA create law after confusing law when it comes to the legal and constitutional rights of young adults. One law treats them as if they are a fully developed adult capable of making life altering decisions while at other times they are treated like kindergartners incapable of crossing the street without holding mummy’s hand. More often times, the governments are seeking to supplant the biological parent(s). Before the automobile was created, it is said that the teenage culture did not exist. For thousands of years, children were expected to practice and master skills beside their parents. Therefore, enabling the children to have a separation of childhood and adulthood with an apprenticeship period. In this day in age, young adults are expected to act like adults in certain instances, but a child in other situations thanks to the advancement of technology.

Misguided laws state teenagers are old and wise enough to learn about mating habits in public school and act on them at their discretion. However, if they willingly choose to be with an 18-year-old+, their partner could potentially face charges making them a sex offender even if they are later married by the same judge who convicted their spouse in the first place. After they find themselves pregnant, they can obtain an abortion without their parent’s knowledge or consent. If the fetus is older than three months, their look alike is dismembered in a horrendous way. I understand it’s your choice/your body. I’m not advocating to take away your choice, I am pointing out the inconsistency in the laws. I will not personally force a person to keep a baby or personally help them murder their offspring. If a teen is old enough to commit legal in-womb homicide without their parents’ knowledge, then why do you penalize them for dropping their baby off at an orphanage or dumping them in the trash? These new adults are judged as a full adult, but not when the offspring is in their womb.

Yet, young adults are incapable of giving consent for a tattoo or piercing which is also a life altering decision. Preteens in certain states bring home the bacon or fill the freezers with meat during hunting season. Some families wouldn’t be able to eat throughout the winter without those young hunters efforts rather than depending on public largess. Emancipated teens are considered old enough to legally act as their own guardian instead of enduring the role under the leadership of their parents. However, they will be taken away by child protective services for choosing natural remedies or alternative treatments over toxic cocktails and invasive procedures.

When 17 rolls around, they can legally enter the military with their parents blessing where they put their lives at risk for their country and face conscription at 18. They can be killed and kill. However, when they protect their siblings from rape, murder and thieves, they are gifted with life in prison. When it comes to smoking, humans in America are again considered adults at the ripe age of 18. I agree that the commercialization of smoking has had its consequences. However, peer pressure makes them feel less than human with their choices of alternatives competing with major monopolizing companies using the government to squash their competitions. Native Americans and other cultures enjoy smoking Hookahs, pipes and paper wrapped plants besides Marijuana like Skullcap, Sage, Urva Usi Marshmallow, and etc etc etc.. Yes, some sources say even catnip can be smoked for its health benefits for medicinal purposes.

When adults are old enough to drink alcohol, they haven’t had enough experience to safely practice the medicinal properties. Until 21, it’s ‘Thou shalt not touch alcohol lest you surely die’. Instead of obtaining instruction and experience in a supervised setting which would demystify it, let’s turn them loose to virtually swim in it. USA takes the all or nothing approach, resulting in binge drinking and deaths by alcohol poisoning. Let’s compare that to driving where a youth must have a learner’s permit, driving under the supervision of a licensed adult for a period of time before getting a full license of their own. Then they are turned loose on the highways where they can accidently bump into a lot of people. One can legally obtain a commercial driver’s license or CDL at 18, but you cannot cross an imaginary line in the dirt with that truck until you are 21 even if your family farm in on both sides of that line.

26year old’s can still be considered dependents on their parents’ health insurance. Until 1968, any person who was not a felon could purchase a handgun. But then, the federal government said an adult 18 year old was not ‘adult’ enough to purchase one until 21. Let’s not forget this new obnoxious and confusing law in certain states like Florida passed in 2018 stating that you have to be 21 to purchase certain rifles. What about all those responsible 18-year-olds who had college scholarships based on shooting sports? You stole their livelihood where they were acting in a reasonable and responsible manner! What about the 19year old army wife and mother whose husband is deployed over seas. Should she be left defenseless?

Is your head spinning? Mine is. So, when exactly, is a human an adult? When exactly is a human a civilian in America? When is a person and person. When is an adult an adult? How can one be responsible in one area but expendable in another area? I think I have just pointed out a major flaw with creating too many conflicting laws in America. You’re not human until this age. No, no. You are human at this age. You are an adult at this age. No, wait. You are an adult at that age. If a person can choose to abort their offspring, why cannot another choose to skip vaccines? My body my choice. My offspring, my choice. Hypocrite much? The young man/woman is old enough to consider the consequences of their actions. Not to mention the certain privileges or extra special rights granted to some based upon who signs their paycheck? Lots of people understood what they were doing when they did it. It was their choice, their body, their choice like you advocate. It’s time to take our rights back.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop causing problems and creating new ones. Remember Free Will performed by Rush.


Jae Byrd Wells is an author, national speaker, tv/radio personality, model, social media consultant, writing workshop instructor, cosplay judge, master of ceremonies, con owner and inspirational cosplayer. After graduating with a Letter & College Scholarship for filming football, she studied Marketing and Media in College which semi-prepared her for her career in the world of Entertainment. Identifying as a Second Amendment Advocate, she is a Constitutionalist/Libertarian/Independent/Republican/Conservative. Liberals and Conservatives alike connect to her because of her foundation of chivalry, respect and down to earth gregarious nature.


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