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No Krill, Sherlock


Yeah, Yeah. I understand you are patiently waiting for a silly fix after the last several serious posts. Here, I sit to typpity-tap a blog post this week, but I do not have anything nice to say. Sorry. A company I deal with over the internet refuses to allow me to sign-in to my account. Soo I am just a little insy-winsey irritated right now. Just a little.

Time to pour into my website fans has escaped from me this last few months. I do concentrate a lot on providing entertainment for twitter and facebook. However, that is no excuse for you. I know. I have forgotten to post a #SlipperyCuss word in a while. Today is a great day to cuss, let me tell you!

Your phrase today is “No KRILL, Sherlock!”

Have you ever heard someone spout, “No Shite, Sherlock?” I had never heard it until I married my husband. The sarcastic phrase is used when someone asks you the obvious or points out the obvious.

Question: “Are you upset?”

Answer: “No, Shite, Sherlock.”

Person one: “It’s going to rain today.”

Person two: “No, Shite Sherlock!”

Now let’s exchange it with the #SlipperyCuss phrase word: Krill. No, it is not necessary a bad word in the fish kingdom, but it is one of the lowest forms of life in the sea.

Question: “Are you upset?”

Answer: “No, Krill, Sherlock.”

Person one: “It’s going to rain today.”

Person two: “No, Krill Sherlock!”

Your boss cannot not fire you for verbalizing your anger now. Now, you give me an example.



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