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How to inch away from substance addiction and fly away as a butterfly.


Oh, my hands are shaking and my knees are weak. I can’t eat and I can’t sleep. Stop singing. This is not a laughing matter. I mean it. Oh, you think you are in love? Well, you might be, but I am not entertaining your thoughts about loving another person. This is an entirely different chit-chat over tea and scones. You have come to my table because you have not been able to cope with the normal trials and tribulations of the cards you have been dealt. The thought of your next fix, easing the pain, suffering, racing heart… this roller coaster ride is unbearable. You are on your own. You are in your own circus with your own monkeys.

My bad. You are not the person previously mentioned. Perhaps, you are the loving hovering friend or family member. The idea of watching your beloved suffer through life is killing you. They have asked you for your help. Oh, they haven’t. I’m sorry to sound heartless, but it is none of your business. They are entitled to their own choices. I want to explore a concept for those wishing upon a star to inch toward a change in their habits. There is a time to morph into a butterfly without tearing your wings.

Are you sitting down? I am going to whisper that nasty little English phrase. You know, the one you want to erase from the elementary school chalkboard or the one where you hide in the locker room. This phrase is now widely contributed on a world-wide-basis for everyone on the grid. Social media allows every individual a greater chance to live out their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe you better stand up because you might fall off your chair and you forgot to line your floor with bubble-wrap. Okay. Whisper it with me: public… humiliation. Ahhh. Chinese fire drill. Run through the streets, bash windows of the company that has nothing to do with who you are angry with! Ahhh. Jae, you wicked, wicked poop slinging monkey!

Yes, I agree. There are times to keep this situation private. Caterpillars change by themselves. They do not require you to pull off their shell for them. Do not puncture the sack on a baby goat when he/she is still partially in the birthing canal. You have repeatedly screamed, cursed and snarled, “It’s non of your coddamn business!”

Calm down, Spelling Nazi.

I cussed correctly.

It is in ‘PJae’s Slippery Cuss Word Dictionary’.

‘What’s that?’ you say? ‘No more funny business, Jae!’

Fine. Have it your way. I hear ya. There is a way to beat this situation without making this a public deal. Place your cards face down on the table because this choice is yours and yours alone. This is the part where you want to take it for granted, but you feel weak, powerless, and possibly ashamed.

We are past the whole choice and business routine. Now, let’s step up the game. ‘Quitting cold turkey’ does not mean you curl up and suck your thumb, lying on the floor in the bathroom. Do it with ease with the materials at your local grocery store. When one is fighting a physical addiction, they need more than just a cheerleader, a support group or a nagging-in-law.

First off, I have to warn you. I am not a certified doctor nor a certified herbalist. Therefore, you can not and should not sue me. If you are sue-happy, then you are contributing to the loss of chivalry in this culture. The only respectable certification I earned B.C. (Before Childbirth) is a DOULA, also known as a Labor Support Professional. Respectfully, I can only touch on what I have learned and you are left with the greatest gift… Information Research. Research it for yourself. What worked for me and others around me, may not work for you. That is life. That is utilizing personal choice and responsibility. Natural Remedies are like visiting your local doctor. The idea of practicing healing is where one experiments until something works. Both used this concept whether you buy something retail or go through a certified government approved practitioner. I am not against competitive capitalism. I am however, disappointed with monopoly organizations, companies, and religious groups bullying everyone who disagree with their way of life.

When someone asks me, I personally explain. It’s time to go visit the store. Grab a bunch of garlic, oregano, cayenne, parsley, rolled oats, yogurt, lots of greens, and catnip. Yes, you indeed heard me right. Pick up some catnip gathered and distributed for human consumption. No, you are not going to get high and jump off a cliff. That is how it affects your cat. You are human. At least, you were before you could not would not live without your next smoke, drink, buzz, caffeine, etc.

After many surgeries, I found myself enduring nasty withdrawals from the drugs they put me on. My body ached with feverish chills, shakes, and flu-like symptoms. First, I rinsed the bunch of parsley and removed any/and all plastic. Next, I placed the entire bunch in water and boiled it. Time to cool it, strain it, flavor it with sugar/sweetener or skip it. After downing the parsley tea over the next few hours or days, I could flush my liver and kidneys from all kinds of chemicals and prescriptions drugs. Be forewarned the parsley is a diuretic so lots of water. The oatmeal in the morning for breakfast eases the taste or need for another addicting card in one’s life. The catnip calms nerves. It can be crafted into a tincture made from water, vinegar, or alcohol. Pills can be purchased from most herbal stores online or retail. Garlic, oregano and yogurt support good bacteria and limit bad bacteria in your body.

Now, that you have listened to some of the physical support, it is time to listen to the mental part. If someone chooses to roll their own tobacco, then it is their business. If they buy Herbal Smoke Blend and smoke it, then it is a healthier product aiding in the removal of crap out of their lungs. Cigar smokers will spasm with this blend so they need extra herbal support before partaking in this beneficial/natural remedy smoke.

I am highly allergic to second hand smoke especially companies where they insist on mixing in harmful ingredients. Backlashing to high school, I found being a squid and inking my stink on others did not encourage society to evolve into a lovely place. Yelling at someone for smoking in your face does not spread love. Sticking my nose in other’s business increases tension in this already panicking, dividing mixed pot of oil and water. Looking back on the days when people smoked right outside the door of my prison called a hospital… my stomach still churns and I gag. Respect, people. Go to your car. Your car is your property. The doors outside a public building is forcing your business on someone else. Telling someone they are not allowed to smoke in/on their own property is like someone ordering you to convert your personal religious beliefs. You do not wish someone to enforce it on you, why behead someone for what you believe?

Apply your passion to life, liberty and pursue your happiness. Let’s get back to the way things were practiced before people put their noses in everyone else’s business. There is a difference between a family (uncles, aunts, moms, and dads), a religious community (friends, family, neighbors) raising a child and village (strangers) raising your child. Were they there during marriage, conception, birth, breastfeeding, skinned knee, an addiction, or daily cleaning up puke first thing in the morning from chemo? No? I didn’t think so. Your personal decision is your own and theirs is their own. Empower yourself by knowing your health is your business and those you choose to share it with. Inch out of your cocoon and be the butterfly I know you can be. I have chosen to share just a taste of my knowledge, experience, and hand of cards with you. You have willingly drunk the milk I offered and I will fry you up a slab of meat on a future date.

May Your Life Be Electrified.

Jae Byrd Wells

Jae Byrd Wells, author of the science fiction Tales From School Series and the inspirational humorous series, Get the Bubblewrap, Jae, is a national speaker, social media consultant. She graduated with a Letter & College Scholarship for filming football. After dabbling in modeling, she studied Marketing and Media in College which semi-prepared her for her career in the world of Entertainment. Her colored and rocky past in the desert called life has not robbed her continued thirst for adventure which enables her to inspire those around her to not lose faith, love, chivalry, and respect. When she’s not busy engaging on social media, writing, teaching, consulting, cohosting radio shows, or speaking, Jae enjoys life as a pioneer, geek, cosplayer, and movie buff. She lives with her husband, four children (5, if you include the parrot) and her ‘petting zoo’ in Kansas.

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