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Pay it Forward … still exists?

Pay it Forward … still exists?
October 8, 2013

After the girls and I dropped off the boys for a class, we hit girls night out, but in the daylight. I didn’t work on my book, read a book, or explore marketing. The adventure ahead would improve our connecting as females living under the same roof. With grins on our faces and songs in our heart, we picked up my mother. Although the tire threatened to end our day early, we made it to the café and devoured tea, hot cocoa, and split chocolate muffins. The girls enjoyed it while my mom and I cheated on our diets. I paid for my mom’s food, blessing her as well as my daughters.


When one friend excused herself from our tea time, we offered to watch her store until better help could arrive. I was willing to be a servant to her for all the times she helped me out. Kindness pounded at my heart for I wanted to pay her back for all the times she blessed me. She found a replacement, went home, and is hopefully recovering from her sudden illness. After dropping my mom off, the girls and I continued choosing our day, one adventure at a time.


Racing to the door of the museum, we giggled, chatted, and skipped. Sporting songs, smiles, and joy in our hearts, the girls and I explored. Several times, we encouraged strangers to join us and interact. Life filled my slightly hardened veins as strangers cooperated as teams during hands on experiments. As we bestowed our love on others, we were paid back with overabundant kindness. One man enjoyed us including his daughter in our activities on several occasions. At times, his face conveyed his uncertainty. It does not matter when we became a society that condemns social interaction. The time is now to heal our fears of interaction.


We merrily interacted with strangers at the mall. By this time, I had lost my desire to be curled up in a ball. I was a shoulder to one lady’s complaints and whisked another away back into her formal life conversing about farm living. The girls begged for me to give them some quarters for gum, but I didn’t even have a dollar to exchange with a teenager. It happened in an instant when the teenager gave the girls a dollar’s worth of quarters. The teen’s bookends complimented her decision while I attempted to drop my jaw. My daughters didn’t allow me to do anything but quickly convey my gratitude and help them make reasonable choices (if any can be assigned to candy machines).


When we arrived at a grocery store, which uses a quarter system to herd their carts, a man gave me his cart. He refused to take a quarter from me although I pushed it toward his hand three times. He said, “A lady gave me one the other day and told me to ‘Pay it Forward’. So I did. I hope you will too.” I responded with my gratitude and have not been able to forget it yet.


Most will wonder why I jotted down my foo-foo adventures. Several times, I received a second glance after I bestowed a simple smile on a stranger passing by. Pay it forward still exists in this culture where fear is threatening our every day warmness toward others. A simple smile, a couple of quarters, and a whole lot of love will make your day bright as long as someone else’s.


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