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Review- Predatory Lender


Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey.



Everybody's favorite real estate thriller is going to Spain! Thanks for following the Predatory Lender as we rack up the awards!

Posted by Jim Meyer on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quality : HD
Title : Predatory Lender
Director : Evertis S. Wright
Writer : James E. Meyer
Release : 2014-11-01
Country : United States of America
Language : English
Runtime : 118 min.
Genre : Comedy, Horror, Crime


Watching this movie alone can be detrimental to your mind and cause paranoid thoughts especially if you sport a pretty face. Perfect movie for snuggle with a protector or a loved one, but not a blind date. You might even consider finding faith, or holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya’ when it’s all said and done. Do not watch this in a dark room or a well lit room without a friend or pet nearby to hold.

This movie is not for the faint of heart, but the camera angles reeled me into the genre I hike over mountains to avoid. The attention to detail, emotional pull on the viewer, and the overall quality of the HD threw me for a loop. My hands shook while my knees knocked. In fact, I think they are still knocking. I am quickly attempting the completion of this review in the hopes I can calm my heart rate to normal pressures. However, the action, drama, and suspense is courted with tasteful comedy. The music relaxes the viewer at the right time and pumps up your blood when a movie should. Although the movie concentrates on sexual innuendo, it could fall under the PG-13 category if not for the adult comprehension of death, murder and revenge.

The unique and mystical music selections intrigue the viewer even if the audience is stepping out of their comfort levels. This horror/comedy leaves the audience mulling over the possibility of a real antagonist living next door to them. The lighting, music, computer graphics and makeup did not disappoint me in the least. Its plot teases in bringing all the characters into focus of their united connection, but the director does not distance the audience. Instead actors control their facial expressions to vocalize the characters portrayed in their minds eye as if they walked in the characters shoes in their past lives. Perhaps one or two scenes, the actors could be questioned on their motives or talents, but their intentions were spot on. The genuine smiles at the correct time encouraged me to hope there would be a chance I could finish this movie without a scratch on myself. On occasion, my eyes fancied a blink or two, then they forgot the reason they existed. Realistic characters remained true to their nature and their backgrounds including the antagonist which causes the stacking of suspense upon the glutenous reason to arrive at the conclusion. Bloody moments curled my toes with professional makeup and wounds, but a lack of blood missed a few key weapons.

Hawt ladies smoke almost every scene or every other scene whispering sweet nothings to the the fascination of the fetish games this kind of antagonist fights within his very conscious. The cockiness of the antagonist fits the glove of his personality with a macabre sense of perfection.

Guns are handled with respect by pointing the weapons in safe and motivated directions, but I did see one time when a character should have removed their trigger finger. One character displayed fear of handling the tool instead of guiding it with a fluidity. Gun shots and flash bangs felt like they were in a movie on the big screens. In other words, the guns were consistant with Holloywood’s depiction of them meaning the flash bang during the day is a Hollywood embellishment. The buildings, cars and clothes collectively complimented the movie even giving the viewer a bang for his buck.

Would I recommend this to friends? Yes, especially one who likes this genre.

On a scale of 1(low)-5, I give it a four cup of satisfied tea. #PJaeCritic

Yours in Reality,

Princess Jae B Wells,
a royal pain in the… critic. Yeah. let’s go with that.
“May your life be electrified.”-JBW

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