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#PJaeCritic STU 1


#PJaeCritic STU 1

March 31, 2015 at 9:47pm

 3/31/2015  Episode 1 of Surviving the Undead Review


Pre-review tidbits.

On March 28 at 10pm, I missed the first airing of “SURVIVING THE UNDEAD!!!” It aired on Cable channel 16, Antenna channel 27, and Dish network channel 27. My view of the world is controlled by Direct TV land. My internet doesn’t allow me to watch movies so I planned an event on facebook for a movie night at the local library.   I hate zombies. Can’t stand to watch them! It’s not really my cup of tea. New found facebook friends were so excited about their parts in a new kind of show. I encouraged them and prayed for their safe travels and filming sessions. The premiere was briefly on YouTube before taken down for purchase.


But if you have the ability to watch it live, I suggest you do so.

Day: Saturdays
Time:10pm.Cable channel 16
Antenna channel 27

Dish network channel 27

And Now what you all have been waiting for. My observations without spoilers. (I hope)


One hits the roof when the word independent is thrown around whether it’s books, film or music. But I tell you, there are some new stars brightening up the universe. The actors (no matter the age) did not focus on cameras and when they did, it was well thought out and planned by several geniuses. I didn’t see any overacting, even in the youngest cast member. I’m proud of the youth’s performance. The emotions and proper body language brought me into the story as an author. I analyzed absolutely everything including the makeup which appeared natural and not too flashy. All of the cast wore nice hair and nails according to what I could guess of their background stories. Without anything to nitpick at, I easily concentrated on the big and little pictures of the story line. The characters interacted appropriately with each other in clean, controlled and cluttered correctly in the realistic context of the character of a family as a whole.


Every second, I expected zombies behind every corner. My hairs stood on end until I became comfortable that maybe I had misunderstood the story. Perhaps I uploaded the wrong video with quality sound. Haters expect to hear the filming staff in the background. Well, guess what! This was produced with class! The writers did an excellent job and the characters gave viewers a high performance fit for a queen. It’s like the characters were the writers. Either the producer took a jab at me with the whole vlog and highness thing or the entire show sucked me into the whole story. It hit home on many levels in various personal situations. The music in the story and the background planted an acceptable and tasteful mood.


I really noticed the actor’s flushed cheeks with the crying provided an excellent detail. The scenery and outdoor shots were warm and compelling.Sets appeared like it went with the family. Good job. Excellent job. The screeching transition got my heart rate up just like the producer and director wanted. Good job. Its annoying but powerful and unique. It fits the suspense. When I took marketing and media in college, the film teacher loved my weird angles so let me tell you. I am a puppy in love for the panning, transitions, stills and the cameras following the action without a bump. I noticed the beautiful transition from the vlog to the film camera.

Definitely hooked in needing to see the ending and where this is all going. I was drawn in. Love the camera angles in the park. I hate zombies. I knew it was coming, but the surprise did catch me off guard. I must really love the actors and the quality of the staff involved to want to see more.I’m not a zombie convert yet, but I do want to continue. Nice extras. I’m impressed. Good job. Adequate placements. Beautiful scenery. Love the ending credits, music and sound effects. Love the rap. Who’s the artist?


I agree with Nathaniel’s opinion. Nice job.

It is about time for unique and new and different.



On a scale of 1(low)-5, I give it a four cup of satisfied tea.



Yours in Reality,

Princess Jae B Wells,
a royal pain in the… critic. Yeah. let’s go with that.
“May your life be electrified.”-JBW

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