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#PJaeCritic STU 2


#PJaeCritic STU 2

April 6, 2015 at 6:27pm

 4/06/2015 Episode 2 of Surviving the Undead Review


Pre-review tidbits.

The blessed individuals from my first review eagerly awaited my next observation. There were some others privately expressing their fears with knees knocking together. Last time on a scale of 1-10, the anticipation was a 7. This time, I admit to counting down the minutes until I could find unlimited internet access. I really don’t know why because I still hate the idea of cannibals. Even if you add cream, sugar, or lemon juice, the chaos is not my cup of tea. After #PJaeCritic STU 1, my connections with the actors and behind the scenes crew increased on Facebook and twitter. However, most of the original contacts understand I give my honest opinion and will rip them to shreds when I see fit. Bwahahah. Be fwrightened. Be wery fwrightened. When the episode went live, I nagged my husband to allow me to use gas money outside of our budget. There was no way I should be trusted driving on two hours of sleep and exhausted from the all day potluck guests and hubby knew it. I never begged like it during pregnancy cravings. Evidently a zombie-hater nagging to step out of character amused him because he just laughed me off. Here I am, semi-comfortable at a library without popcorn. Now, if you are watching at home, no Spaghetti! This show falls under my BONES rule at the house for murder mysteries. No pasta while viewing this show. I admit, editing the first review was easy. Boulders are weighing on my shoulders as I currently scratch to and fro on my notes. Good thing about watching on Youtube is the ability to pause and rewind a half a dozen times. However, since the action reeled me in, I did not pause to snag a restroom break until after the short story climax. That’s actually a good thing in my books. In most of the sitcoms I have viewed from start to finish, the action or music hints about the impending break. I was annoyed that when I came back, there were only two minutes of the story left. I wanted more.


The episode was briefly on YouTube before taken down for purchase.


But if you have the ability to watch it live, I suggest you do so.

Day: Saturdays

Cable channel 16
Antenna channel 27

Dish network channel 27And Now what you all have been waiting for. My observations without spoilers. (I hope)

The intriguing introduction partially confused me as I prodded my memory of where we left off. Although I am involved in seeing how the long story (series) turns out, the short story (episode) failed to hook me immediately.

Although there were a few unjustified camera bumps, they cannot be seen by the focused viewer. I am still a suckerfish for the unique camera angles morphing me into a fly. The viewers can easily follow the action in and around the trees, houses, fences, inside vehicles, and/or walking along the road. There was one particular scene in which the lighting during the transition pasted itself in my mind like a reoccurring memory. The excellent creepy transitions from room to room, major scene to minor scene complimented the music and sound effects. My full attention arrived later when the music started pumping my blood from my toes into my brain. The acceptable sound quality including the mood music remained professionally consistent throughout all the transitions from phone calls to wider scenes. I noticed one particular sound effect had me check my vitals to see if I was really fainting. I did like the distant gun shots. Even though I hate zombies, I think the show could have transitioned over to the bigger picture of the chaos in the city instead of focusing on one harvested victim.


We can visit more in depth about the actors tears, but I want to nit-pick about one character lacking the reddened tear stained face. In a rattled moment when I should have been feeling the supposed pain, my eyes searched the environment. If they weren’t feeling pain why should I? Sometimes, seeing is believing. The job on the neck was pretty cool, but I need to go back to the first episode to see if it was the correct side of the physical incident. The clothing fit the consequences for almost all of the show, except I couldn’t figure out the holes in a shirt on a character. Was it the darkness in the personality or the physical altercation? The level of gore impressed me, but I still hate zombies. Period… Wait? Are my eyes deceiving me with an inconsistency? Really? Am I purposely looking for flaws to make sure my review is honest? No way… No earring, earring and then back to nada? I must have replayed that tons of times before I continued on to look for the inconsistency elsewhere. The ring on the middle finger caught my eye? Do people really wear it that way? I watched the hand for a fatal flaw with consistency. Nope. Great job. In real life, tools in the back of a vehicle are dirtier, more used and less organized than tools lying around in a garage. Shouldn’t the actors have knocked down the candles in a panic? Was that the same window? They wouldn’t have had time to pick them up. Oh, how I loved the way the phone realistically caught in the long hair as it pulled away from the ear. The ganstas if that is what they were supposed to be lacked proper attire except one backwards hat. The clean and dirty vehicles gave a broader spectrum of the real world. Nicely done. The clean spots from interaction with vehicle caught my eye.


Many scenarios throughout the episode grabbed me into the moment and planted me alongside the characters. I was one with them after some minor overacting from particular actors. Don’t get me wrong, there were key moments when the actors beautifully portrayed the experience the writers were attempting to convey as it naturally occurs in real life dealing with technology. The nerves causing the actors to slightly over-adjust their body movements and voice fluctuations at this point is to be expected. It happens in almost every new TV show until the actors are more comfortable in skins of their characters. The eyes might be the smallest movement of the body, but it was the most noticeable for some reason. I watched all the character’s eyes for proper context. The eye rolls, pleading and leery of surroundings were all spot on. Some actors lacked worry or fear in their eyes while others conveyed it beautifully. The child scream impressed me with realistic side effects of my heart breaking and my legs jumping with adrenaline. I wanted to help. Good job. Most panics, fits and caring interaction by the actors impressed me.


At times, I found the body language to be stiff and nervous about portraying a few characters, but overall… sweet body and expressions for feelings. The tears on the child actor’s cheek grabbed my picky attention. Wow. Beautiful. The gasping and panicking when they were supposed to was great. They didn’t fumble or saunter. I noticed the self comfort at the correct times in the right situations. The child actor whining might be good enough for the soft character, but I need to get to know the character better before I say that the whining could have stepped up a notch. Good soldier technique placing the protected in the middle. The body armour was a spectacular touch, placing the audience in the situation as a parent, sibling or friend. The hand gestures in the communication balanced out the stiff nervous times. I liked the gruff nature disappear allowing the caring interaction with the younger generation whether main characters or zombies. The young adult sibling rivalry poked at experience, but I thought the other sibling could have stepped up and hugged if they were that worried. I did think the child could have been a little more underfoot as they are when worried, but then again, it could have been the character. Beautiful acting and script with the conflict of exterminating a minor zombie. The strapping into a vehicle when starting to move connected with a wider audience especially in a hurried situation. I don’t care who you are… ‘dat der was funny’ with the locked door and lack of key. As an author, I liked seeing the zombie children. I’m no zombie expert so I can’t say if there are a lot of movies with child zombies. In this situation, it follows through with the writers saying, “if you get bit, you turn into one.” I’m sure kids roamed the neighborhood. The fear and harassing interaction with the zombies brought me into the story. The organization of the zombies on the road confused me. The car movements meshed with the road and surroundings beautifully. My tears actually swelled with moisture with the unexpected twist of events. The way the male handled the situation by going off by himself reached a higher audience since it’s what upset guys do away from the scrutiny of females.


Okay, my biggest pet peeve is in this episode. Hollywood sure has a problem in this irritating area of the handling of guns. There was a group of untrained ruffians behind a shootout. One of the trigger happy enthusiasts kept creeping into the line of fire. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the gun pointing in the air without the finger OFF the trigger. Usually those cases are in a careless drunk situation, but these shooters lacked evidence. They were too relaxed for the desired panic on hand even if they were untrained shooters which sadly do exist. I cannot pass judgement since I could not understand the background stories of the shooters. Their attire possibly spoke working class, but trained citizens would have known to keep their finger off the trigger until the target is in sight. They would have kept the weapons trained on the target as they confirmed the target and what was beyond. I absolutely disliked the fake lightening effect coming from the barrel ends.


The staff needs to let me know when a cd and lyrics is available. The music pulls your emotions into the story. The creepy black background gives off a sadness as the list of actors and staff scroll by. My training in college dictates my family sit until all the credits roll past. If you have not done it, I suggest you do so. It’s an honor to have your name in black and white when you have worked so hard. Respect the talent.


On a scale of 1(low)-5, I give it a three cup of satisfied tea.


The preview has me wanting more.


Yours in Reality,

Princess Jae B Wells,
a royal pain in the… critic. Yeah. let’s go with that.
“May your life be electrified.”-JBW

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