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#PJaeCritic STU 3

April 15, 2015 at 12:37am

 4/14/2015  Episode 3 of Surviving the Undead Review


Pre-review tidbits.

When I told hubby the series would be deleted off of Youtube, he about had a cow. He has heard me read some of my notes aloud and wanted to see it for himself. I quickly interrupted his meltdown to explain the series would be available later. There is still no explanation to give about how out of character this is for me as I watch a zombie flick….let alone review it. The only zombie movie I watched with my hubby in our marriage was “I am Legend”. The cancer angle was personal so we needed to finish it. This episode of STU has actually hit a time of reflection for me. I usually pass the anniversary of my father’s death with ease because it’s been over 20 years. Knowing from a personal experience what the STU characters felt with a sudden loss has me tongue tied. This series really reaches into the pit of your stomach and makes the viewer connect on a realistic level. This fiction has truths perfectly twisted into it. Evidently, my fame as a critic is growing because I am scheduled to give a review for an upcoming series.


The episodes will be available for purchase at a later date, but watch it live:
Day: Saturdays

Cable channel 16
Antenna channel 27

Dish network channel 27

And Now what you all have been waiting for. My observations without spoilers. (I hope)


Noises in the room prevented me from immediately jumping into the short (episode) aspect of it. I rewound and rewound until the world around me faded. I am far enough into the series (long story) to be completely pulled in with the lingering questions from the previous episodes and wondering where they will lead to. No matter how many times I retain the knowledge that there are zombies, I still hate the chaos they leave behind them. I had not prepared myself to be planted right in the middle of a conflict. The writers hooked my attention, so goody-two-shoes-for-them.


Since most of my feedback is tagging and sharing, I don’t know how many are actually following these reviews. I absolutely adore the camera angles in this series. A quick rabbit trail: I had a football scholarship for filming football. For several years after college, I could not watch professional football because I could not control or move the coddamn camera. Unlike a few tv series, I do not feel the urge to pan, jerk, or transition the camera in STU to see what I am missing out on. The camera angles make me feel right at home with the action in the center of the scene. I adore the unique fly angles on the rocks, around bodies and moving behind people as they walk or run. I think it’s the camera angles which brings me back…wanting more. I did rewind a scene several times through a transition to see if the setting details were correct. Good. I think this episode screams consistency. If a tv show does not briefly transition to the great outdoors, then it steals time from the viewers. To keep a viewer’s interest peaked, it’s good to know if a certain amount of time passes, what the weather is, etc. Therefore, good job, guys. I didn’t feel trapped in a set, I moved with the adventure with the beautiful transitions and camera pans especially in the kitchen. I love the use of real homes, streets, offices and neighborhoods.


The shadows on the walls without cameraman puppets gives this show a hint of professionals. I don’t know the resumes of those behind the scenes, but I’m getting a feel their careers will be soaring. I think there was only one noticeable jumpy movement in the stability of a camera, but where it happened should not affect the viewer with the action involved. I really noticed the dark shadows with the clear separation of light especially in one overpowering scene. One possibility could include the creepy effect, but it wasn’t nightmare material just confused emotions. Out of all the camera transitions, I noticed a scene with what felt like the silence lasted forever before the music cued up. However, the eerie silence could have been used for heart pounding effect. It worked. High fives to those with the morning transition with the heart racing music. Love the crisis sirens, the radio beeps, and the blood pumping music. The gun shots in the background snagged me into the action, but they almost sounded like they were from an indoor gun range rather than outside a house. My favorite sound effect was when someone approached a scene off-camera before their body appeared. However, it was not an antagonistic scene since the conflict in the viewers’ mind remained outside.


The nitpicks on the makeup and set will be far and few today. Frazzled hair and clothes were right on target except for two miniscule scenes. I still hate the realistic zombie blood and guts … so good job there… especially the dried blood on a shirt. There was one or two pink blood stains that did not feel right. I thought the zombies could have had more torn up clothes, but again, I am no expert. The sticky notes, blank walls were appropriately placed as well as the pictures containing the correct character photos. I thought the pickiness of the set crew brought me into the story, making the characters come to life. In a previous episode, a wardrobe malfunction with an earring distracted me. I did not see anything in this episode which made it easy to concentrate on the story. The neck injury makeup remained consistent, but there was one time I noticed someone’s perfect hair lacked the conflict in place. Other than that, I saw a lot of consistency in the hair-dos. I don’t know if any other viewer noticed the trash in the can or the band-aid on a girl, but I did. The nicknacks and things on shelves in the bedrooms seemed to fit all the characters’ styles. Um… Did the calendar say Febuary? What timeline are we in? I did not understand why the armour was not used this time when it was clearly used as a part of the character last time. One character kicking ass could have some blood on the knuckles to empower the background situation.


The yelling, caution, panics, loss, sarcasm, sibling rivalry, compassion, sadness, self comfort, fidgeting and facial expressions by old characters were more developed since the actors appear more comfortable in their skins. You can definitely see the characters treat the different characters according to whether they like them or not. The hunger fits the timeline to allow a slight break in the action to collect thoughts and deal with emotional conflicts. I don’t know about you, but I hate watching movies where the actors “fake” eat. So… Great job eating, swallowing and playing with crumbs. I only counted one over-acting scene, but it lacked the full focus of the audience. Here and in real life, a good poke by someone you care about happens at the height of fear. Nice interaction with it. I wish I could have been a fly on that set! I observed realistic interaction with annoying technology.


I see the main male character has developed beautifully especially his “manly fear” and reaction time. Are you sure, you weren’t videotaping my hubby falling asleep after a traumatizing day? That was a good example of a guy sleeping while sitting up, then startled. I look forward to watching this actor’s career soar. Oh, how the youngest actor portrayed some powerful emotions tonight. I loved how her hand movements brought you into her character’s soul. The additional characters had their strong personality moments, giving me a slight feel for their background story. One background story guessing time was a beautiful part on the writer. It had me guessing at the appropriate time. Two new characters appeared comfortable as though they were the same profession in real life. Great hyperventilating breathing, but the scene cut showed the actor had quit…but then again, in movies, you have to cut out insignificant parts of the story…. ahhh the catching of breath was… insignificant.


I hate zombies. I think I leave them for last. One interaction between two zombies made me question legitimacy. A zombie stumbling on some stairs caught my awe for background actors. Good job, guys and gals. I didn’t like the inconsistency of a sleeping zombie tightening their fists. The camera transitions and the interactions between family and zombies hit spot on for me.


Questions left unanswered do not feel as though they will never be answered. I was not ready to stop. This episode could be considered a little slow, but with all we endured in the last two, it was time in the long story to have a break. The short story ended nicely.


On a scale of 1(low)-5, I give it a four cup of satisfied tea.


Yours in Reality,

Princess Jae B Wells,
a royal pain in the… critic. Yeah. let’s go with that.
“May your life be electrified.”-JBW

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