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#PJaeCritic STU 4


#PJaeCritic STU 4

April 22, 2015 at 9:49am

 4/14/2015  Episode 4 of Surviving the Undead Review

The episodes will be available for purchase at a later date, but watch it live:

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And Now what you all have been waiting for. My observations without spoilers. (I hope)


This is my last STU review for now. A few passing thoughts and nightmares heightened my fears and dread for watching this episode. I just don’t like the cannibalistic act with blood dripping. It hasn’t haunted my dreams, but the images have snuck into passing thoughts. My hubby knows I’m not too crazy about zombies and he has harassed me with their annoying noises, poking me and sneaking up on me in small spaces. The last reason I dreaded this episode is something that needs to be explained over and over again to certain friends and to readers. I do not get paid for the five hours per episode I put into these reviews. The reviews bought are like fans and followers purchased. They are fake, hollow and lack souls. That is why I am reviewing this show is because I want to bring something different to the industry. I’m trying to bring honor back. People were excited about their hard work so I gave them my honest feedback.


All my notes for this episode mimics previous reviews. If you have not watched this series, I do not understand why. They bring something new to the table with the story of zombies and their film team. I just pinpointed something else I like about this series. It doesn’t feel like a sitcom, fake and over-exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong. I like Reba, Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, FBI SUE. I used to watch Switched at birth, but the writers desperately tried to maintain my attention with unexpected twists. They created drama for the sake of drama. STU is a different Genre. I’m not talking about zombies. I’m explaining how it gives me drama in a story and not drama for the sake of drama. STU can be compared to a book unfolding with magical pictures. Like most sci-fi, the writers drop questions about society in the perfect moments and atmosphere. It does not feel like fantasy. “I am legend” is a probably not a film for a first time genre jumper. If you want to taste a zombie flick to see if you could handle it, I would encourage you to watch STU as an introductory series.


My heart raced. I felt for the characters. My son entered into the room and sat down beside me. He reminded me of all the times I encouraged the children about fake makeup. I guess I had delved so deep into the story, I had forgotten my own rule. My other children curled up beside me and crowded me out of my own personal space. They all look forward to watching the whole series from the beginning. I cannot honestly give a 5 cup review. I still hate zombies and their back story so this 4 cup review is probably the best you will ever see from me for a zombie film. Good job team. Now to the viewers, pop some corn, grab a cup of tea and watch Surviving the Undead.


On a scale of 1(low)-5, I give it a four cup of satisfied tea.


Yours in Reality,

Princess Jae B Wells,
a royal pain in the… critic. Yeah. let’s go with that.
“May your life be electrified.”-JBW

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