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**Band Info**
Dogs Don’t Deal is a musical collaboration, formed during lockdown, between Leicester based singer songwriter
Michael Vickers, electronic producer Cobbler and singer Bryony Monkhouse.
Cobbler, who had just released a solo album, was working with UK poet Luke Wright and had been sitting on some homemade beats. He decided to contact Vickers for some lyrics, having heard his music whilst recording with Arctic Monkeys and Pulp producer Alan Smyth. Vickers had finished writing and recording his latest EP -Poetic Nonsense and began sending vocal takes back over to Cobbler for mixing. The two carried on sending material back and forward and were left with a 4 track EP, but felt there was something missing in the form of a female vocal. Bryony Monkhouse (who had previously sang on an earlier Vickers release) stepped in to finish things off nicely and Dogs Don’t Deal was born!
Their debut EP – Painting Pictures was released Friday 2nd October, and they have already recorded the majority of their next EP, which will follow shortly!
**EP Info**
Written and recorded during lockdown, Painting Pictures has several different themes; Chasing Numbers sets the scene and introduces the band by talking of the importance of happiness over money and possessions. The next song on the EP, Fire, tells of a night out and the familiar tale of a one night stand, set to Cobbler’s own melody line, but delivered with Vickers’ classic self loathing take on things, before Monkhouse delivers a seductive vocal in response to the protagonists’ viewpoint. Little Shoes has a memorable beat from the first bar and is about lack of things to do during lockdown, making it instantly relatable. The EP then takes a dark turn, finishing on Crisis In Paradise, a story of depression, which features a haunting acoustic guitar and shouted vocal.
Hope all is well with you!
Thanks, Michael Vickers
Philip Raymond Brown lives in Colorado with his fabulous wife, four
beautiful children, and two good dogs. He has a B.A. in History and
Political Science from Le Moyne College and a J.D. from Washington &
Lee University School of Law. Writing fiction is Philip’s lifelong dream, and is
his second career. In 2017, he walked away from a highly successful career as
a trial attorney to pursue this dream. While writing STRENGTH, he devoted
his time to his family, coaching little league and youth basketball.
This year, while his heroic wife, the fabulous Dr. Sarah Brown,
was on the front lines of the battle against COVID 19, Philip
was homeschooling their four children.

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