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Shell, Shell yeah, (oh) shell no, (Oh) Shellfish no, Hotter than shell (fish), be shell on, for the shell of it, get /catch shell, give someone shell, go to shell in a coral basket, shell on fins, like shell, Like shell it won’t!

Let’s go ahead and talk about another favorite fishy cuss word which should save you from becoming a social criminal! No number can be quantified for the amount of times I have had to massage the necks of others after they snapped their necks when whipping around for a double take. After repeating what they said, I would also repeat myself. The strangers, friends or fans left my side, smiling, laughing and in a much better mood. Let us add an ‘s’ in front of the intimidating word ‘hell’ to minimize intimating strangers or potential future spouses. Entertain the politically incorrect crowd with some slippery words.



Boom boom boom went Jae’s hips as she danced through the aisles at a comic con. A certain zombie author stopped the bellydancing Darth Maul in her tracks by asking, “Hey, are you going to the con next month?”

“Shell yeah,” responded Jae with a girly scream.


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