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StarDate 1603.23 – In the Beginning


StarDate 1603.23

Personal Log. In the Beginning

The words to start a blog on here should sprout all kinds of roots for me, but they choke in my elbows, bouncing back to my head. I have attempted at least 15 posts ever since I discovered how to operate this ‘interesting’ website. I mean, isn’t that what a professional web designer is suppose to do? Oh, Yea. I’m a writer which means it’s assumed I know how to just reach out and grab your attention.

Over the last few years, my 1700 fans on facebook, 4,300 facebook friends, my 1400 followers expressed powerful concerns against my casual short disappearances from their favorite social networks. However, I have met fans at libraries and conventions without the need to communicate on such complicated programs or applications. They have patiently waited for a day like this to arrive since stardate 1405.15.

Although this day has finally arrived, I do not know how to throw this ball in the direction of rolling down the hill. I guess… for now… I’ll be myself. Facebook is probably my biggest hit for blogging. I don’t know if certain games I conjure will work on this template. Certain people look for me to be funny while others like my adventurous lifestyle of entertaining them. All my fans eagerly await all kinds of nonsense selfies, things I cook and stuff I try. A day has not ended without finding new fans to enjoy a slippery tale. My reviews were a big hit so I will continue adding the old reviews, notes and even try out new content. Several people hired me to blog or help them start their fanpages while others introduced the idea of hiring me to write on their websites. Um… Perhaps, I need to write on my own.

So here we are. I accept the challenge. Here is my new adventure.


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