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Stardate 1603.28 -Ails


Stardate 1603.28

Personal Log. What ails you?

Wow! So here I am… learning to blog outside facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I never thought I would reach the point of sounding like one of ‘those’ crazy people. I am awake at an insane hour in complete discomfort. Why, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. This last few months have made me ponder Job’s story from the ancient monotheistic religion included in the Bibles of Christianity and Judaism. “Why don’t you curse G-d and die,” a small voice taps on my shoulder. This morning, the meaning behind faith hit me like the bus on Speed, crashing in the gap. (Oh, my cod. Yes, I included a spoiler, but hey, this isn’t a review so get off your high horse.)

Enduring through this insanity the second time does not make it pleasant or charming in the least. Receiving a huge understanding of those dying in car wrecks for scratching all the right cells in all the right places might create a prophetess. I could start my own religion with the voice that boomed out of the sky. Bills, lifestyle and dipping into the occasional mental health reform budget (Entertainment) has tightened its hold on the grocery money, leaving us with a jagged diet. Without getting into some of our diet restrictions, I will say this… we already try to avoid unfermented soy, margarine and junk food. Grains are easy for a peasant or middle class (lower or middle) to survive on because of its simple preparation or cost. However, there has been a large price to pay the executioner. The illegal alien has entered my body, multiplied, set up a command camp in my brain, and left my cells choking, gasping on their own blood: Candida. Nope, I’m not talking genital, I’m talking, skin rashes, irritable attitude, pain and many sleepless nights. Over the last few days, my children have been suffering from some weird allergies and what’s this? Some of the same symptoms have manifested in their overall well being, but lessened in its severity compared to mine… or am I too selfish to see it?

We are not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater yet. There is a time and place for grains… at least today. We do however, need to refrain from looking at them, tasting the scent they put off and turning our backs on out one true love in the next 10 days. That challenge should be met once to twice a year for each and every family on this planet. It’s time to reset your body, mind and soul.

Few books were available to me in my childhood and I treasured every one. My children, on the other hand have been blessed with more books than they care to admit it’s significance in their lives. The other day, I was organizing by thoroughly inspecting the baby books and cutting out a chunk. My son cried, “Don’t get riiid of boooks, we’ll get stupid. Do you want us to be stupid?” My jaw dropped, leaving my lips to ponder the sounds, “bu bu bu bu bu”. The one book, plot, classic, I favor to this day is Heidi. I still remember the little jingle I created. “I knew the mountains would make you well. I knew they would make you well. Oh, I knew the mountains would make you well.” Course, that might explain my fascination to raise my own goats. See, classic stories and recipes passed down throughout all the generations, giving us multiple clues we need to survive on. One being: Yogurt! I will be pushing and stuffing yogurt in us until it oozes out of my family.

Back to faith and philosophy, how can we accomplish such a huge feat? One day at a time, one hour, one minute and one breath. My fans on facebook long to hear my humor, words of wisdom and my constant entertainment. The lesson I push often is personal responsibility. See there is still hope for this generation. No need to cry for ice covered sulfur flaming balls of fire. Stop excusing yourself from the bed you made. I made this bed of Candida and now I have to fight it. I’m not going to cry to the Heavens anymore and angrily blame G-d for this stumbling block in the road He dumped me on. This is the day, I pick myself up and find how He has provided a way, a path a lesson for me and my family.

Signing off for now,

Princess Jae

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