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Stardate 1603.31 – Blind Faith


Stardate 1603.31 Personal Log

Blind Faith

Last year, I was contacted by several in affiliation with a blind school in the hopes I could inspire the youth in their town. They personally informed me of the tragedy taking place. Visually impaired students are being given false information, dashing their dreams of becoming an author because they are blind. They wanted me to schedule a motivational session with inspiring writers and others in the hope of spreading my eagerness to fulfill dreams. As an advocator for new writers, I jumped at the chance to encourage new writers. Waiting for all the t’s to cross and the i’s to dot, I searched my brain for possible speeches.

After several months, the inside connection lost their position and their hope of my involvement in a pay-it-forward change in their town. They continued to voice the needs of the children to me over the phone. Teachers at the school are pounding it into their students heads that they shouldn’t even try to become writers. Why? I ask? Why does anyone have the right to tell anyone what dream they can and can not work on. Yes, there are some dreams requiring qualifications or financial brick walls which could potentially alter a person’s dreams. However, as an author, I do not see how anyone can stop a writer just because they are blind. It shouldn’t stop you. Not one bit. Naysayers are everywhere and they live in the seeing world too. I can’t tell you how many times, I was informed I couldn’t achieve it. My appearance could wait because the trip would be on my dime anyway. My throat tightened and my chest sunk into my stomach. I want to stand up for these children! I want to be their voice! On the behalf of the children, I schemed how I could approach the topic with my fans. Yelling on a youtube video lost it’s professional appeal. I waited until the time felt right to voice my indignation.

Why can’t a blind person be a writer? Dreams are dashed for new writers everywhere whether they use their two eyes, ears, hands or feet. Visual impairment is not a reason to give up. It takes one person to inspire a writer/artist/creative person to succeed in their dreams. What an imagination they can have. So what if they haven’t seen the same object I’ve seen. Their hearing, their senses are all doubled in strength. I want to see a book, a tale, a character through the eyes of a blind person. I’d buy the book in a heartbeat. I believe they could teach me something even if it’s fiction. One person needs to believe in them. Well, I believe in you! Now, if I could just reach the eyes and ears of a caring parent or family member to help the new writer achieve their dreams. We are living in an interesting era of technology for the blind. If a blind student has the ability to type on a braille computer keyboard for their school lessons, then certainly they can be rewarded with free time to write in their book. I understand the struggle of not having someone by your side during an ongoing situation. Perhaps a solution could include contacting your local libraries in the hopes they can host a writer’s club.  Don’t let the dreams of any artist/author/creative person be pounded into the ground by constant negativity.

Check out the following links I found… just with simple search words.

You can do it! I believe in you even if you are visually impaired.

Signing off for now,

Princess Jae


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