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Stardate 1604.26 – Honor


Stardate 1604.04

Personal Log


Feeling a breath on my neck, I looked around. My daughter was looking over my shoulder after she had thrown up in her classroom. She saw a contest for entering a tea recipe on facebook. At first, I was like naw, but I’ll make one to help your tummy. With my knowledge of herbs, I created the tea in 15 minutes. My daughter encouraged me to enter it. Welp, my big heart has once again bit me in the arse. I combed through the rules of the contest one by one, looking for the fine print. It wasn’t until after my recipe received votes because my friends had tasted a sample of it, that I noticed the only eligible teas were concoctions made with the particular company’s teas. So since my recipe didn’t qualify and didn’t win, I contacted them to see if they tried to claim it. I think they did, but I’m not for sure because they spat weird words in my direction. Furious about being used once again, I plotted all sorts of things, but alas, nothing will work in this land of dishonor, thieves and selfish people. Hubby said, “You did give it away.” Well yeah, but my intentions were to help people not to line a big company’s pockets. I had built my credibility with friends because of them trying it. Now, they will probably taste test again if I invent another.

Once again, my big heart bleeds to help people, but I am thrown in the gutter. What is honor? Big companies are made up of people. People make up this planet. Again, I ask, What is honor?



 After I tripped over the definition ‘respect’, I lost all thought process as to which direction I chose to continue on this episode. Respect: so how do we humans (or Heccs) discover and implant the definition in our lives again? Perhaps, we should remember the yin-yan factor: Balance. The balance of the word or the pros and the cons.  We do not need a medieval group or a Renaissance festival to embed respect into our meal for our soul. The whole idea of ‘not my problem’ or ‘oh well’ has been tugging on my ‘left’ shoulder lately. Whenever we say to ourselves, ‘oh well’, we invite trouble.

Antonyms for honor

Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Honor or respect brings healing into our lives and the people around us. There is a time and place to use ‘oh well’ and I’m sorry that I can not give you a clear glass guideline on it. All I can offer is a stained glass masterpiece with rugged soldered edges. When you’re sitting or walking in public, pick up something they dropped. Greet them. Since ‘How are you’ has become the worst greeting ever, perhaps we should return back to the weather. Wait, we better avoid that too, because it might dig up some political views you may want to avoid. I don’t know. I’ll think on it and get back to you on the subject. I’ve learned you can’t talk about your interests unless you are in a club brought together in the name of the subject. I know, tell a funny kids joke. Another bit of honor you can bestow on someone is your time, giving them the benefit of the doubt or just plain smile at them. A pleasant face can diffuse a bomb. Opening a door for someone will please a stranger and put a smile on their face. Thank you, yes ma’am, and ‘Have a great trip’ will brighten the day of someone, making it happier for who they run into next. Small acts of random kindness like giving someone a paper bag at an Aldi’s or giving a cart or quarter will build hope in yourself and others. It’s funny how I’m typing this and I’m watching my son open the door for a half a dozen strangers. Their smiles says it all. I’ve officially lost my path to bring you light and honor. I want to go play with my son at the park. It seems I have done a better job than I imagined with his dirty room.

I’m definitely using the ‘Oh well’ right now for the sake of helping others. No, I won’t get rich off of this and yes, CS might try to sue me because I’m posting it, but I want to walk tall like Sir Orik and do what’s honorable. This recipe was originally made to help my family, my friends and others.

Here, make it yourself. I buy the bulk ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs.


GoldenSea Mint

2 TBS lose leaf Peppermint

2 TBS lose leaf Catnip

2 TBS lose leaf yarrow

1/2 TBS Dandelion Root

1/2 TBS Lose Leaf Rosemary

1/2 tsp Fennel seed

1/2 tsp Anise

Shake in a closed container. Place 1 TBS of the mix in a coffee filter inside a cup. Pour hot water on it and let it steep for a minute. Drink and heal your soul, your guts and your life.





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