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Stardate 1610.28 – Humble


Stardate 1610.28 – Humble

Oh my codfish, where do I start? This last year has humbled me more than a dog growling at an intruder only to find out it was his owner. I remember in my youth, praying I would be able to celebrate the Hebrew year of Jubilee. Well, according to the calendar, it was this past year. Instead of getting a break from every evil imaginable, I found myself in the worst days of my life. My health, finances, and life was stuck with arrow after arrow.

However, I swear, the minute the year of Jubilee finished so did my bad luck. I am looking forward to a second chance in life. I have been busy these last few months trying to get a grip on life. Instead of typing of blog entries, I have been baking, making extracts, working in garden, going to conventions and writing. Oh, how I love getting back at the good ol’ keyboard. Yesterday, I managed to find time to type up 1000 words in book two. Have you read book 1? Do you follow me on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest? I admit, facebook is where I hang most of the time. I focus alot on watching people.

Fixing my family has been a struggle. We have went through Shellfish and back. The children are growing and changing. It’s weird watching how all the things I have fudged on has been apart of their development. I know this is a short entry, but I wanted to let you know I am still alive, writing, blogging, filming. Some good news to share, a director strategically placed my book in his short film. It’s going to be awesome. I will have to keep you updated.

Oh, I have been on television a few times. I will have to blog a link soon.

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