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Stardate 1611.23 – Reflection


Stardate 1611.23 – Reflection

Personal blog entry today is full of great news. I will be on the radio again, but this time acting as a co-host. I will also meet about co-hosting a tv show. This past week I leased my freelance writing skills for marketing a product I have not tested, but believe in. It’s amazing what a writer will do to catch the bread crumbs from the tables of others. Hopefully, I will be able to take the credit I deserve. This writing business is definitely out of passion and doesn’t harvest a worthy income. This industry is full of dishonesty and dishonor. I have chosen a big challenge in my attempt to remind people of humanity, civility, honor, respect and justice. 

This last weekend I hosted a potluck for friends, family and acquaintances. We played with my baby horses, stole walks under the stars, sat by a campfire, visited and ate a delicious feast. I am still unsure about celebrating Thanksgiving because of the politically incorrect History, but it is one of the few times I can enjoy a holiday with family even if they hardly ever show up. Although I have been told I have native American Indian blood, there hasn’t been enough proof for a tribe to accept me. The Indians see me only as a White Woman. The Americans are divided on who belong here in America, but what most self-loathers do not understand they will be without a country to turn to. They are so caught up in self-annihilation they forget the little detail they were born here as well as more than 10 generations of their ancestors. How does a stranger or a foe take over your house? Why you let them by defending their right to live in your house! Then you are so blind of their plans to put your ars out in the cold. 

My computer died as well as my backup computer so I have not been able to play on it. You should have seen the notebook I gathered the second sci-fi in for editing. I am still not finished with going through the book on paper and look forward to more time on it. Yesterday or the day before, I scheduled games for facebook and twitter. After discovering too many games pushes activity to a minimum, I scheduled two per day.

Facebook spoiled me where I can see photos, friends, and likes of those following me. This website blog is a whole new world to me. Subscriber after subscriber continue to collect on this website despite the work on it backing up. I will continue to write, but I promise to start making it a point to schedule entries on here.

Fans constantly tell me I poke at their brains causing them to think at things a tad differently… I love knowing I am doing my job. Hope I can make you think differently too.

Your servant, Your Princess,


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