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Stardate 1709.12 – Thank You


First, it was piddling in my Motherhood Shushed Book which soothed my lonely, creative outlet. Then, my science fiction novel rescued me from the depths of despair during the process of completing it. I remember trying to write, edit, and create it for the one person whom I would never meet. Perhaps they would be blessed during the dark times in their life! I, myself, had been squished in a cramped box, feeling claustrophobic and not able to live, breathe, or function. The need to serve others was dismissed because of many snobs. People with long snooty noses looked down on me instead of smiled, laughed, and loved. The desire was great to influence others, to be there for them. My Scifi provided me with a fresh start of adventure, life, and a freedom I sought.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being apart of this dream come true. It fulfilled many hopes in my life as well as others. Times can be difficult. People are difficult to live with especially if they are not blood and don’t give a coddamn. Another difficult trial fell into my lap last night, robbing me of my desire to breathe. Here I am, stepping out into the world, the condemning community like a soldier back from war. I am taking one foot in front of the other. Instead of casting hateful glares at others, I am smiling and nodding, no matter what they say about me behind my back. You and I, we need to smile, laugh, love, and learn again. Let’s ponder on what we learned through our trial. Trials are like likened to characters in a book. Will this tribulation make or break us? Will we treat others badly or will we rise from the grave like a phoenix from its ashes?

One slap in my face followed by another and another. I tell you, without my faith, I would not be able to survive. I don’t know what you believe, but believe in something. Let that string spin into a rope which will keep you from falling off a cliff. Do not listen to those who condemn you. Find those who lift you up when you can no longer walk. Locate someone who will crawl with you when your legs do not support your weight. Just because you have not found someone today, do not let that get you down. They are still out there, looking for you!

I may not know you on a personal level nor have I walked in your shoes, but I can bet one thing I know. You are worth it! I believe in you. May your life be electrified. Find that conductive path that you belong on where you will light someone’s house, making it a home. Bring warmth back into humanity. Instead of saying what can other’s do to make me happy, say “What can I do to brighten a strangers’ day.”


May Your Life Be Electrified.

Jae Byrd Wells

Jae Byrd Wells, author of the science fiction Tales From School Series and the inspirational humorous series, Get the Bubblewrap, Jae, is a national speaker, social media consultant. She graduated with a Letter & College Scholarship for filming football. After dabbling in modeling, she studied Marketing and Media in College which semi-prepared her for her career in the world of Entertainment. Her colored and rocky past in the desert called life has not robbed her continued thirst for adventure which enables her to inspire those around her to not lose faith, love, chivalry, and respect. When she’s not busy engaging on social media, writing, teaching, consulting, cohosting radio shows, or speaking, Jae enjoys life as a pioneer, geek, cosplayer, and movie buff. She lives with her husband, four children (5, if you include the parrot) and her ‘petting zoo’ in Kansas.

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