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Stranger Danger


Last week, I received a text stating that someone’s father had passed away including the time and date of the veiwing. The young woman sounded terrified.

I knew at least five people who had that extremely common name. After several texts, I found out that they had texted the wrong person. We sent several texts back and forth with me comforting her. She messaged me that I surprised her that decent people still existed out in the scary world. Toward the last, I sent her a blessing with a special ‘Jae’ touch. I said goodbye.

Are there any decent people out there in the planet? Certain stores I go, people are stiff and stand-offish. Other places that I routinely attend, people are friendly and brightly smile. Then it boils down to towns and certain locations of huge cities. I still see people who open doors. There are days when doors hit me in the face when my hands are full. Being vocal, I stupidly spout in anger.

The other day, I was in enough pain where I took a pain pill. Little tiny white cylinders make me jittery, irritable, and down right stand-offish toward others. An emotional boxer hit me in the gut. How many people walk around with pills that make them appear as the void in a sphincter muscle? I know blood sugar levels screw with people and animals. However, I don’t consciously walk around pardoning rude behavior. I, like many others take personal offense. One bad day does not mean that a stranger is a jerk 24/7.

Sadly, I admit i pulled my favorite character flaw again. Details of my life that would offend others, I immediately lay down on a platter to strangers. If you can’t accept me as I am, then don”t let me like you and then watch you hurt me later. Please just walk away and not disappear without an explanation later. I wonder, are there others like me? Are there people who walk around with fear who purposely give a person a reason to hate now rather than later?

No matter how much I try and come up with a conclusion, I can’t. If only we could revert back to the idea that prosperity means kindness, courtesy, love, and compassion, then we might have a chance.

Having kept the stranger’s number, I texted her today and checked on her. After she responded positively and blessed me again, I deleted her number like I said I would.

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