Blog 2006.21

I had a good day for the most part with my family after radio.All day, I ignored the part where first thing this morning i was ordered to stop contact with a man that changed my life for the better.That man gave me the boost I needed to let

Tea Time 6/21/2020

Annemarie Sheridan founded Pursuing Compatibility because of her own love and life struggles. Bored with the same old, same old services out there, she took matters in her own hands and is making a change. Life experience from gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design, teaching English as

Tea Time 6/14/2020

Did you know that the pain inherent in the lives of your ancestors has a divine purpose for you in this lifetime? By honoring this, you can finally surmount your pain, embrace your inherent spiritual gifts, and use all of it to prepare for your “holy assignment”, the reason you

Can’t stop the signal, Jae

What the HECC! I do not understand why I am i facebook jail right now. I can message everyone and receive messages, however I cannot take a link post and share it via messenger. There is no rhyme or reason to why I am on lockdown. The day started fine until

Tea Time with PJ Gangsta 5/31/2020

Video Podcast Audio Podcast Ryanito was born in Germantown, Maryland and is the youngest of two boys. Ryanito discovered his ability to sing at a young age and began writing his own poetry, and later started producing songs and rapping lyrics. At age sixteen his father moved to Florida and he remained in

Trademark Design

Rising from the ashes, your favorite public figure has danced through the depths of hell. Once a street rat, a tossed away rag, she conquered her enemy Fear, Hate, Discrimination, thus truly inspiring others around her whether they are liberals or conservatives. Adopting a derogatory referral as Princess, she recognizes the

Lay Off Georgi

Alright, Georgi. let's talk woman to woman, mother to mother. facts: 1. Ray King sent me a friend request. 2. Although I am connected to 28k (and you have less than 35), it doesn't make me a whore. It makes me AWESOME at what I DO. 3. I scrutinize all my friends requests, therefore I

Love will build humanity

"I never got a chance to thank you for walking up to me that one day." My mind went blank. I searched her face for clues. "I was crying and you approached me. I never thanked you for that. Thank you." The young lady smiled.It was an act of kindness that I

Living After Surviving

What hope? I don't fit in. I know you have said it. Who hasn't voiced this? Sometimes humans go into a funk because of their diet, but there are other occasions when it is the cards in their hands. Both of these examples have one thing in common: choice. Everything,


Visit Annamay Music inspire me to live Life to it's full potential and I hope to encourage my listeners to the same. Singer Songwriter and Engineer. Given name Anna-Maria. LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW