Julio Rivera, is an American of Puerto Rican descent, and serves as the Editorial Director for ReactionaryTimes.com. He is a featured columnist at The Washington Times, Toronto Sun, Epoch Times and The American Thinker   Rani Sharone (Thrillsville) Pounding beats and challenging stereotypes... angry passion and the sheer physicality of the energy embodied in this music are apparent. Here we


**Band Info** Dogs Don’t Deal is a musical collaboration, formed during lockdown, between Leicester based singer songwriter Michael Vickers, electronic producer Cobbler and singer Bryony Monkhouse. Cobbler, who had just released a solo album, was working with UK poet Luke Wright and had been sitting on some homemade beats. He decided to contact Vickers for some

Spielberg Despised and Loved

Spielberg Feared and Loved   The name Spielberg haunted my nightmares for many years. I was afraid of his very existence. I refused to watch any movie made by such a hideous beast in the film industry. I hated everything about him and even referred to him as the devil of film.

Podcast: 10/11/2020

ABOUT ANDREW SCHATKIN Andrew J. Schatkin is presently a business and educational consultant, writer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Schatkin Show. He has written 2 legal treatises, Select Legal Topics, a 650-page legal treatise, and Select Legal Topics, Vol. 2. In addition, Andrew J. Schatkin has written many law review


William Graziadei (born July 28, 1969) is an American musician who is best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and founding member of Biohazard. Graziadei is also the rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Powerflo and frontman for BillyBio, which is his latest solo project. Ron Jackson The No.1


Dr. Paul Christo - COVID-19 Contributes to Uptick in Opioid-Related Deaths FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COVID-19 Contributes to Uptick in Opioid-Related Deaths Baltimore, MD, September 11, 2020 — Social isolation and reduced access to healthcare during the lockdown, among other factors, have led to a rise in opioid-related deaths, experts say. And


EMMANUEL OSORIO - ACTOR/FILMMAKER BIO Latino Filmmaker Emmanuel Osorio is a 19 year old native of Los Angeles and is making his big screen debut with the semi-autobiographical feature film project BLASÉ L.A. The film follows the ups and downs of a group of young millennials growing up on