Dr. Paul Christo - COVID-19 Contributes to Uptick in Opioid-Related Deaths FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COVID-19 Contributes to Uptick in Opioid-Related Deaths Baltimore, MD, September 11, 2020 — Social isolation and reduced access to healthcare during the lockdown, among other factors, have led to a rise in opioid-related deaths, experts say. And


EMMANUEL OSORIO - ACTOR/FILMMAKER BIO Latino Filmmaker Emmanuel Osorio is a 19 year old native of Los Angeles and is making his big screen debut with the semi-autobiographical feature film project BLASÉ L.A. The film follows the ups and downs of a group of young millennials growing up on


Joryn Jenkins Meet Joryn Jenkins: Joryn Jenkins is a trial attorney with 40+ years of courtroom experience, now in private practice at Open Palm in Tampa, where she concentrates on the courtless practice of family law. While Joryn’s focus during most of her years in practice has centered on legal ethics, civility,


“I Like Trains are too smart for most, or too interested in realism and fate when so many are content to indulge inwashy escapism” – The Quietus “This is grand civic music, less to be listened to and more to be visited

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ABOUT ALAN MINTZER, CEO & Co-Founder Standard Hydrogen Company CEO and co-founder Alan Mintzer is a technology services expert with a deep background in chemical engineering and business development. Mr. Mintzer co-invented the groundbreaking encryption technology embodied in US Patents #10,193,872 and #10,587,589 and founded Cyphyx Corp to market the


John Cerbone The world of hypnosis is divided into two categories: Clinical and entertainment. Each has its top practitioners, but only one individual can claim decades of success in both. Known around the world as “The Trance-Master™,” JOHN CERBONE is a true megastar of the always-fascinating realm of hypnosis. As an entertainer,

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About Carol Soloway Dr. Soloway, a former English and nursery school teacher, is now a State Appointed Qualified Medical Examiner in chiropractic, a National Board of Chiropractic Examiner, and International Association of Women (IAW) Orange County Chapter President. A chiropractor to the stars, she received the IAW’s Woman of Achievement Award as well as

Siggie The Vintage Man

Musician, Entertainer, Storyteller, Solo performer and “Fun Guy” Combine Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Prine and Townes Van Zandt together and you get The V Man. Siggies performances live are a combination of originals, covers, storytelling and his interaction with the audience makes for a fun time for all