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Tea Time with PJ Gangsta 5/31/2020


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Ryanito was born in Germantown, Maryland and is the youngest of two boys. Ryanito discovered his ability to sing at a young age and began writing his own poetry, and later started producing songs and rapping lyrics.

At age sixteen his father moved to Florida and he remained in Maryland where his street education began. Recognizing the elements of danger, Ryanito changed his focus and pursued music. He moved to Florida at twenty-one for a new location, perspective and outlook as he became receptive to the Sarasota music scene. He began performing and networking where he would meet several people that have helped him in his musical career.

Ryanito hosted a talk radio show and created events using art and music to learn about and inspire people. He worked within the community of Sarasota by hosting his radio show Coffee & Donuts for WSRQ & WSLR radio stations interviewing diverse members of the community through exploring many topics through conversation.

He then created a student youth summer program at local elementary schools. Art, Rhymes and Kids in collaboration with Kennedy Center Initiative Any Given Child and Sarasota Schools to utilize music in the classroom to teach and enrich students learning curriculum with music. Ryanito also worked to create The Art, Rhythm & Culture Festival, a live art and music event with local artists and venues that was in benefit to local charities and non-profit organizations. In September 2018 Ryanito did a collaborative one off show with the Pops Orchestra of Bradenton and Sarasota. It featured a live art painting exhibition with artist Zulu Painter while Ryanito and The Pops Orchestra performed his album The Cosmic Guide.

Ryanito is always looking to explore artistic expression and the boundaries of music into new directions that create new, unique sounds that effect listeners with his lyrics and rhyme patterns. He has released three albums which have been mastered by multiple Grammy Award winning engineer Michael Makowski.

Currently he’s finishing his next album with international producers Tough Sale. Some may recognize Tough Sale as the classical guitar duo CARisMA who are Carlo Corrieri & Magdalena Kaltcheva. They have toured with opera singer Andrea Bocelli for almost 10 years opening his concerts around the world and performing with him before becoming producers Tough Sale. Together Ryanito and Tough Sale are creating a musical sound that fuses elements of Hip-Hop, Electronic and Classical music and beyond. Ryanito and Tough Sale are sponsored by German audio gear company ELYSIA, an international audio company for master level studio recording.

The upcoming project is slated for a Fall 2020 release.

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